Anne Marie David, the twice Eurovision participant has recently released the French version of the Israeli hit “Pashut lihyot/Just be”, under the title “Veux Tu”.

The first lady of the Eurovision song contest is releasing a new song and takes us back to the jolly good 70’s. Anne Marie David won the Eurovision song contest back in 1973 for Luxemburg with Tu Te Reconnaitras and came 3rd in 1979 for France with Je Suis L’enfant Soleil, two songs that are still loved all across Europe and especially in Israel, where she gained a super star status.

Thanks to the enormous love the people of Israel have for her for more than 45 years, Anne Marie David performs regularly in the holy land, and that’s why she was asked to record “Veux Tu”, a French version of a no.1 hit song from Israel, which was released in 2016.

With a full live orchestra, great catchy sing a long music and optimistic lyrics, Veux Tu can be heard now in French thanks to  Anna Marie’s recently released version. The song was originally released in 2016  by the Israeli iconic star Hedva Amrani under the title  “Pashut lihyot/Just be”