A Cycladic island where you’ll want hiking boots as well as flip flops to explore the villages and natural beauty of the island. “Sifnos Trails”, the network of paths that has been developed on the island in recent years is one of the largest in Aegean, with over 100km to explore. There are 19 routes along professionally marked footpaths at every difficulty level that will take you to small, seemingly forgotten chapels, ancient temples, quaint villages, farmhouses and olive groves all backed, of course, by majestic views of the Aegean. A number of hotels have now been credited as being Hiker Friendly, serving nutritious meals and offering hiking equipment, maps and more.

Family-friendly Sifnos has also been making great gastronomic strides with some fantastic tavernas and restaurants. Every year it also hosts the Cycladic Gastronomy Festival Nikolaos Tselemedes over three days in September.