“My Beauty” is the debut single from new electro-swing band Beauty Freak, based in Lille and created by the three french djs Stéphane Chenu, Ludovic Piquemal and Yann Brunissen. Vocals are performed by Chenu and MaLee and give an atmosphere to the track that brings us back to 1960s sounds, with a reference to Propellerheads and Amy Winehouse styles.
The musical concept is the result of the merge between two opposite musical universes: symphonic and electronic music. Beauty Freak takes us into a magical world where the waltz meets electronic music, highlighted by the vocal strength of the singer MaLee.
The official video was shot in a mansion-like décor, following the daily life of two opposite families, with a reference to the famous Addams Family. Like a chorus that’s bound to broadcast a cry for tolerance and acceptance, “My Beauty” takes us into the mystery of every love story, with the help of jazzy influences and sounds that you will remember.