Mario Biondi – Do You Feel Like I Feel

Hey little sister
Have you hear the news today?
We gonna shape the world our way
Hey little darling
Have you seen the skies ain’t gray
Our love has cleared the clouds away

Stop look and listen to your heart

Do you feel like I feel
I wanna make the church  bells sing
Do you feel like I feel
I wanna let our freedom ring

Shaun Escoffery – Perfect Love Affair 

Taking my time in love
Never ever could find the one
Try to let all my feeling show
But that’s not me
I’ve been looking my high and low
Just to carry on the show
I’ve been going around, and I finally found
The one I know is good for me,
Finally I hear my heart starts singing

I just wanna be alone,
away from everything I know (everything I know)
Looking out across the world
Just you and me baby (you and me baby)
Away from everything

Amy Winehouse – Tears Dry On Their Own

All I can ever be to you
Is the darkness that we knew,
And this regret I’ve got accustomed to.
Once it was so right,
When we were at our high,
Waiting for you in the hotel at night.

I knew I hadn’t met my match,
But every moment we could snatch,
I don’t know why I got so attached.
It’s my responsibility,
And you don’t owe nothing to me,
But to walk away I have no capacity.

Joss Stone – Could Have Been You