Beats by Dre is keeping on trend by adding to their winning Solo line. The Solo Pro joins the 30 million unit selling line, with a few new tricks. Beats added a new silhouette to the already sleek headphone, and smart noise cancellation comes aboard for the ride.

The Beats by Dre Solo Pro uses Pure ANC noise cancellation to make sure your sound experience is not interrupted by air leaks, or sudden loud noises. Solo Pro, as always, is tailored to work perfectly with iPhone, adding “Hey Siri” technology, and even cooler, Apple Sharing lets multiple Beats users share the same stream.

The Solo Pro headphones also share a touch of color inspiration from Pharrell Williams in the More Matte caveat. This sub-collection contains the fingerprint proof Dark Blue, Light Blue and Red matte colors, along with the standard gloss colors Black, Ivory, and Grey.