Charlie Puth – If You Leave Me Now (feat. Boyz II Men)

Charlie Puth rolled out the third single from his sophomore LP, Voicenotes, earlier today, and it features a surprise feature from Boyz II Men. Titled “If You Leave Me Now,” the collaboration is another self-produced offering. However, while the first two singles from the project have featured massively danceable productions, the latest signifies a return to a smoother R&B sound. The 26-year-old described it as “one of my favorite songs I’ve ever written,” and it is for a good reason.

Following in the footsteps of “Attention” and “How Long,” “If You Leave Me Now” is about another strained relationship. Here, he and Boyz II Men plead with a lover to stay by their side. “No, this is not goodbye. I swear that I’m gonna change. No, baby please don’t cry; it doesn’t have to end this way,” he begs over an a cappella production on the opening lines. They all come together on the chorus for some pretty harmonizing and one final plea. “If you give it up and just walk right out you will take the biggest part of me and all the things that I believe.”

Although the single sounds like another surefire hit it comes with a bit of bad news. Voicenotes was originally scheduled to drop January 19, but Charlie took to social media to announce that he had to postpone the project. “I’m producing this album all myself and with that comes a lot of work, and in my opinion, the album is not perfect yet,” he explained. He ended with a promise that the record was still set for a release in 2018 so all is not lost.

Despite the unfortunate news, 2018 is still off to a strong start for the “See You Again” crooner. “Attention” and “How Long,” are still sitting comfortably within the top 40 on the Billboard Hot 100, and “If You Leave Me Now” is likely to join them there in the coming weeks. This summer Charlie is also gearing up to hit the road for a tour. Hopefully he has the album ready by then. Until we have more news give the collaboration a spin below!

 Simple Minds – Magic


MAGIC finds Simple Minds at their most instant and anthemic best. It’s a song about faith, especially the faith the band possessed in their own abilities during their formative years. Driven by propulsive drums, and chiming guitars from the band’s six-string hero Charlie Burchill, MAGIC is sure to become another classic in Simple Minds’ revered and hugely influential catalogue.

The accompanying 3D animation video is an outstanding piece of art directed by Argentinian Esteban Diacono. Filmed by using motion capture to record several stages of a dancer interpreting the song in various ways, it features two main scenarios and a masked, model character, who then transforms into smoke and water. Combining clever techniques and mesmerising visuals, it’s a video in keeping with the band’s quest to push their artistry into new areas.

MAGIC will be followed by the release of THE SIGNAL AND THE NOISE, on January 12th. THE SIGNAL AND THE NOISE revisits the glassy guitars and new wave grooves of the post-punk era, a period when a prolific Simple Minds came to cult prominence through their truly groundbreaking albums. Alongside MAGIC it perfectly encapsulates the duality that has kept them culturally significant and artistically relevant for almost 40 years.

Both songs feature on Simple Minds’ WALK BETWEEN WORLDS album, out February 2nd. It was produced by Simple Minds with Andy Wright and Gavin Goldberg, both of whom worked on Big Music. It is an album of two distinct sides, very much the old-school album format that singer Jim Kerr and Charlie Burchill grew up with as music fans. In addition to classic Simple Minds’ anthems and revisiting their new wave roots, the album also explores more cinematic sounds, with the title track and Barrowland Star both featuring dramatic orchestrations recorded at Abbey Road.

In support of the album, Simple Minds will take to the road in February 2018 to premiere WALK BETWEEN WORLDS in three shows, which will be in three parts: a performance of the album, a live on-stage interview and a classic Simple Minds’ set, which will include the band further re-imagining and exploring songs from their extensive catalogue. For fans it will be a very special, one-of-a-kind experience.

In August and September the band will be performing on the GRANDSLAM 2018 tour, playing 13 of the shows with The Pretenders. It will be the first time they’ve played on the same stage since Live Aid – a unique opportunity to see both bands in one night. KT Tunstall will also join them as a very special guest.

Moby – Like A Motherless Child (Slow Light Version)

Toto – Spanish Sea

Toto fans have their second sneak peek at the previously unreleased material on the band’s upcoming 40 Trips Around the Sun compilation courtesy of “Spanish Sea,” a new song with some older ingredients.


As guitarist Steve Lukather explained in the press release announcing the 40 Trips LP, “Spanish Sea” was completed last year using material the group originally recorded for 1984’s Isolation. Aside from making distinct use of the ways in which studio technology has evolved in the years since, it gave the surviving members of Toto an opportunity to make something new with their late former bandmates, drummer Jeff Porcaro and bassist Mike Porcaro.
“On one hand, it was magical, because it’s real. It’s those guys,” Lukather told Ultimate Classic Rock late last year. “The way Mike and Jeff played together, it was one brain, four arms. You could hear the personality and you could hear them talking before the takes and stuff like that. That didn’t make the record, but it was wild. It was a roller coaster ride emotionally. But at the same time, it was really cool, and I’m really glad that people are going to get to hear something.”
Fans who pre-order the 40 Trips album will receive an immediate download of “Spanish Sea” — as well as “Alone,” another new track that was previously posted. Along with a blend of hits and fan favorites, the album includes another previously unreleased cut, “Struck by Lighting.” Look over the complete track listing below, and visit Toto’s official site to obtain ticketing information for their upcoming tour.
Toto, ’40 Trips Around the Sun’ Track Listing
“Spanish Sea”
“I’ll Supply the Love”
“I’ll Be Over You”
“Stranger in Town”
“Struck by Lightning”
“Afraid of Love”
“I Won’t Hold You Back”
“Jake to the Bone”
“Stop Loving You”
“Hold the Line”
“Georgy Porgy”