On this elegant isle, you will find the blue-green waters of the Saronic Gulf meeting pine forests that stretch down to the water’s edge. Its rich history, in part as the home of wealthy shipowners who played a key role in the Greek War of Independence, is evident in the grand architecture of its aristocratic villas in the main town.

This history also wonderfully informs a number of unique events on the island from the springtime Tweed Run organized by the historic Poseidonion Grand Hotel to the Armata in September (commemorating a famous naval battle with fireworks) to the Classic Yacht Regatta which sees beautiful classic sailboats going head to head.

The Spetses Yacht Club also organizes sailing lessons for children – both those on the island as well as special programs for those visiting the island in the summer. Meanwhile for those who enjoy the challenge of endurance races, the island also hosts the Spetses mini marathon and the Spetsathlon. Accessible by car from Athens (about a 3hr drive) and a popular getaway for Athenians, the island has plenty of life from April through October.