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New lighting of the Acropolis wins 3 international awards

The new lighting of the Acropolis in Athens won three important accolades at the 2020 Darc Awards. During the ceremony which took place online on April 30, Greece was awarded: 1st: Structures – High Budget category 1st- Event category Grand Prize: ‘Best of the Best’ for 2020 The Darc Awards are considered the “Oscars” of lighting [...]

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200 flags wave in Syntagma Square, Athens

Final preparations are underway for the events commemorating the 200th anniversary of the 1821 Greek Revolution. On Thursday, the Greek Independence military parade will take place in Athens in front of a number of foreign dignitaries. One of the most talked about decorations are the 200 flags in Syntagma Square which surround a special “1821” [...]

The best hotels in Athens with an Acropolis view for 2020

For endless gazing, relaxing nights and endless #balconygoals photos! This is a full, updated list with the best hotels in Athens with Acropolis view for 2020 Taking endless selfies on a terrace, Acropolis shining under the Athenian sun over your shoulder -this is the ultimate tourist’s dream when visiting the Greek capital. But one would [...]

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Perianth Hotel

Although Perianth Hotel is located at The Agia Eirini square, full of life all day long and bustling with those vibes that every traveler wishes to feel in order to understand the city, it offers a serene urban paradise. The frenetic pace of life dissipates as soon as you arrive. You have already escaped the [...]

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Monsieur Didot

This stylish boutique athenian hotel lies inside a 1800s impressive mansion! Right in the heart of the “artistic” neighbourhood of Kolonaki, which once acted as a meeting place for writers and literary minds, it combines natural materials with a vintage aura and a concept of modern hospitality. Think more like cute balconies, hidden terraces, spacious [...]

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This hotel in Athens has turned its rooftop into a sandy beach!

Mavili Beach of Alexandros hotel in Athens is a must – visit this summer! Τhe “Alexandros” hotel in Athens has now a pop-up beach on its roof! Tired of driving for hours in the traffic but eager to escape the city hustle and bustle in order to cool off and enjoy a day on the [...]

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Theory Bar & More

Hyped to high heaven, this bar could, in theory, be nothing but a bunch of empty words. The drinks could be average and the generously-sized space could, in theory, feel soulless. Lucky for us, none of this is true! Since it first opened in 2013 in the heart of a busy uptown neighborhood, Theory Bar [...]

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Fresh Hotel

A haven of affordable luxury, the Fresh Hotels serves up urban delights in bite-sized chunks. Everything in this well thought-out property is geared towards upscale functionality, from the bike rentals to the city-savvy staff that will help you navigate the area’s growing multiculturalism to maximum advantage. The 133 rooms (superior, executive and suites) pack a [...]

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If you’ve ever spent even the slightest amount of time admiring a Kouros, then this hotel is a perfect fit for you. If you’re the kind of person who spends hours wandering around the National Archaeological Museum, then you’re in danger of never leaving your room again! The ATHENSWAS Hotel - a new hospitality venture, [...]

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Traveling means meeting new places or meeting new people while having fun in your favorite places!

One of the most favorite and iconic spots in Chalkida city,the capital of Evia Island,45 minutes drive from Athens,is Xenia Summer Garden in the Karababa area. Among palm trees and exotic flowers overlooks the whole city,built in a unique spot,Xenia Summer Garden has a lively all day long energy. From the morning coffee and brunch,through [...]

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