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The best places to travel in January 2020

Brazil If you’ve ever glanced at a world map you may have noticed Brazil—shaped not unlike the side view of a certain writer’s midriff after the holidays—is rather on the large side, meaning the kinds of temperatures you experience will depend on which part you visit. January is generally a safe bet all round though, [...]

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Beautiful Beaches Where Clothing Is 100% Optional

If you're one of those people who just loathes having tan lines, then may I suggest you check out a beach where clothing is completely optional? Yes, there are a slew of beaches across the world where nudity is celebrated and no one has a care in the world. Paradise Beach, Greece Paradise Beach in [...]

Best Places to Travel in 2017

Angra dos Reis, Brazil Brazil’s visa waiver during the Olympics was a success for one big reason: it encouraged travel beyond the big cities. The tourism board hopes to bring back the waiver, and if you’re planning to take advantage, save time to visit Angra dos Reis, between Rio and São Paulo. This popular Brazilian [...]

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