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5 Of The Most Dog-Friendly Countries For Pet-Loving Travelers

Visit one (or all) of these 5 dog friendliest countries for pet-loving travelers. Leaving the fur baby at home isn’t always fun. Worrying about them while away, looking for them before remembering they aren’t there to enjoy that special moment with you can ruin an entire trip. On the other hand, taking your pup along for the [...]

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Beautiful Beaches Where Clothing Is 100% Optional

If you're one of those people who just loathes having tan lines, then may I suggest you check out a beach where clothing is completely optional? Yes, there are a slew of beaches across the world where nudity is celebrated and no one has a care in the world. Paradise Beach, Greece Paradise Beach in [...]


The new year is in full swing and resolutions are already falling by the wayside. Pre-work jogs and salads for lunch don’t seem as appealing as they did a week ago. We’re back to checking Instagram before bed and email first thing in the morning. We’re spending a little more than we should, drinking a [...]

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49 Islands You Must Visit Before You Die

1. Bora Bora, French Polynesia 2. Santorini, Greece 3. Pig Beach, The Bahamas 4. Maui, HI 5. Aitutaki, Cook Islands 6. Saint Martin 7. Ko Phi Phi Don, Thailand 8. Kauai, HI 9. Saint John, US Virgin Islands 10. Bali, Indonesia 11. Miyajima, Japan 12. Boracay, Philippines 13. Sicily, Italy 14. Anguilla 15. Koh Hong [...]

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