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Τα 5 best-selling cocktails σύμφωνα με το Drinks International Brands Report 2021

Από το Μεξικό και τις παραλίες της Playa del Carmen μέχρι τους δρόμους της Αβάνας και την Τοσκάνη έχουν τις ρίζες τους τα ακόλουθα 5 ακόλουθα best-selling cocktails, τα οποία κοσμούν τη λίστα του Drinks International Brands Report 2021. To Brands Report Drinks International είναι ο παγκόσμιος θεσμός στον κλάδο των αλκοολούχων ποτών, που αναδεικνύει [...]

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Whiskey Cocktails For Your Next Party

A new generation is embracing whiskey and the advent of mixology is taking whiskey cocktails to a new level. If you’re planning a party, why not take advantage of whiskey’s resurgence in popularity and serve one of these delicious whiskey drinks your guests will love?   Manhattan Cocktail The Manhattan cocktail is a classic recipe [...]

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Easy Ways to Cut 50+ Calories

Buy Plain Yogurt The benefits of yogurt are immense, but many of these bonuses are undone by cartons full of fruit-flavored, gummy messes. Grab a carton of Chobani’s non-fat plain yogurt, which rings in at 90 calories, over their fruit-on-the-bottom mango, a mix that serves up 140 calories and 12 extra grams of added sugar. [...]

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How to Make the Perfect Tequila Summer Cocktails

Never complicate things when crafting a cocktail with Lunazul Tequila. A premium spirit from a long lineage of tequila makers, who make it simply with 100% agave. We had the chance to try Lunazul Blanco with friends and we all quite enjoyed it! We enjoyed shots with lime, a salted rim and also a few [...]

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Aula Cafe “Wonderful cocktails music and stuff”

In a great,historic place in Mani,Areopolis,the center of stone houses and marble pedestrian paths,Aula is the best choice for coffee and when the sun goes down,it is so enjoyable to sit outside next to beautiful plants and sip a cocktail or two,the choices are endless!!The prices are so good, the music sound excellent for our [...]

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Frozen mango daiquiri!

Ένα υπέροχο παγωμένο τροπικό κοκτέιλ …. Υλικά 45ml λευκό ρούμι 1/2 μάνγκο 20ml χυμό λάιμ 20ml ζαχαρόνερο Εκτέλεση Σε ένα μπλέντερ προσθέτετε όλα τα υλικά και αναμιγνύετε καλά. Γαρνίρετε με μία φέτα λάιμ.

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