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Amazing Views from these Wave-Shaped Apartment Buildings in Denmark

Danish firm Henning Larsen Architects are literally and figuratively making waves in Denmark’s cityscape with their latest housing design, The Wave. Sculptural and organic in form, the distinctive peaks of the apartment buildings are visible from rail, road and sea; a feast for the eyes in a country dominated by a flat landscape. Located against [...]

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Visit 5 of the Happiest Places in the World

What does it mean to be happy? Some say its having a sense of purpose or feeling financially secure while others believe its in being present or spiritually fulfilled. Whatever it may be, there are certain cities around the world that seem to have a better idea than the rest. From Denmark to New Zealand [...]

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Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen, Denmark The allure of Hans Christian Andersen town is irresistible from May through October. April, in contrast, marks the tail end of Scandinavia’s brisk spring, making Copenhagen one of the world’s cheapest places to travel this month. Those that take advantage of low-season rates are in for another treat: the seasonal reopening of Tivoli [...]

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View to Kill.

A huge solid building,with 23 floors,very polite staff...take a room up .I had one in the 20th floor and feel like a helicopter pilot. Very interesting and different from my Mediterranean standards,architecture,excellent room amenities. One negative is the vast loudy breakfast area,yet the breakfast variety is so big that you need an extra stomach to [...]

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