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New music Friday for music lovers !

https://open.spotify.com/track/303oeyQJklQReUBrszN2j2?si=477cba0296744d90 2021 is the year of Zaz. After a three-year break and a need for distance, the singer has been engaged for a few weeks in small short films in order to present her new album to us. From his desires, to his current state of mind to the writing process with the help of [...]

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The centerpiece of your hi-fi setup just got more versatile. The brand new Alva TT is the first turntable in the world to offer aptX HD Bluetooth, so you can stream your vinyl to any compatible device within range. The Alva TT is built around a medium-torque Direct Drive system for consistent speeds and pitch-perfect [...]

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Enjoy new music discoveries and music-diamonds

Win and Woo Gold (Feat. Shaylen) They've crafted this easy listening piece which ticks all the right boxes for a radio friendly tune, generating a catchy melody, sing-a-long worthy lyrics and just the right amount of vocal chop. Speaking of vocal chop, the sound during the chorus adds a really cool late night (after club) [...]

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Marlon Percy X Dariush Gold – Leaving

Great mellow open road feel, honest sound with a modern touch, love the interaction or even team play of the sub basses, the vocal chops, those sincere guitar chords and everything else that is going on. This is the right mood to take off into the night and hop on a train/plane for an adventure [...]

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Crooked Colours – I Hope You Get It feat. Ivan Ooze

Great new indie electro song by Australian trio Crooked Colours featuring vocals from Ivan Ooze. ‘I Hope You Get It’ is their second single taken from the upcoming debut LP ‘Vera’ and the whole Album is going to be released on June 23rd. https://soundcloud.com/crookedcolours/i-hope-you-get-it-feat-ivan-ooze

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track of the day/Dalida – Love in Portofino (Dim Zach & Deem edit)

Dim Zach , founding member of Lovelab and Liebe , has produced and released ,over the past years, 7 albums and several original productions and hits, through the most well known record companies and labels such as Universal, EMI, Cobalt, Midnight Riot, Planet works, Rare Wiri Records, FKR, Groovy Garden, Hawaii Records, Erase Records, Tropical [...]

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JOE GODDARD - LOSE YOUR LOVE (RADIO EDIT) https://soundcloud.com/joegoddard/lose-your-love-radio-edit Hot Chip's Joe Goddard has released a new track called “Lose Your Love.” The song is accompanied by a bizarre new video (directed by Fred Rowson) that takes place in a community center class. At first, it seems to be a kind of meditation or tai [...]

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Midnight Pool Party – Waiting

With their debut EP coming to fruition, Midnight Pool Party showcase the first single from it – and it takes a much smoother and sophisticated turn, compared to their previous releases. With its love-themed lyrics to swoon you, as well as a production style said to have a resemblance to Disclosure/Kaytranada, Waiting is sure to [...]

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HAUTE – Rêverie

A new jam by HAUTE pushes the boundaries of minimal dance music and production. “Rêverie” has a familiar sound but is also unlike anything we’ve heard before. I guess that’s why the name Rêverie makes sense, sounds sort of like a spaced-out dream of a more traditional song. The vocals and percussion samples are the [...]

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