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Crepes, France

French crepes would take some beating in the Pancake Hall of Fame -- if there's not one, there should be. These ultra-thin pancakes originated in Brittany in northwest France, way back in the 13th century, but have since become beloved the world over. They can be either sweet with fillings like fruit preserves, syrups or [...]

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Paris, France

I have always maintained that winter was my favorite season in Paris, much to the horror of Parisians, who easily get a chill. But not only is Paris more void of people in winter but also, it is possible to walk along the beautiful architecture without the leaves of the trees being in the way [...]

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Strasbourg, France

Choosing Strasbourg for this list was a no-brainer because it is the Christmas setting personified. I have never seen a city more decorated at Christmas than Strasbourg. Not one shop window or street is without twinkling lights, window decorations, or market stalls. You can barely take it all in, there is so much to see. [...]

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Sainte-Maxime, France

Sainte-Maxime is one of your favourite destinations in Europe. It is a haven of peace, a perfect destination for a holiday with family or lovers. Located between Provence and the French Riviera, this destination is authentic, warm and welcoming. Sainte-Maxime is known worldwide for the beauty of its landscapes, its turquoise waters, its endless beaches. [...]

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Château Lafaurie Peyraguey — Bommes, France

It pays to notice the details at Château Lafaurie Peyragueythis link opens in a new tab. The chandeliers, sconces, door handles, decanters, and carafes are more exquisite than those typically found at other five-star hotels. No surprise, really, given that this working Bordeaux wine estate is owned by the 131-year-old French luxury glass and crystal [...]

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10 of the Best Places to Visit in Europe

1. Dorset, UK 2. Mont Blanc, France     3. Paris, France   4. Marbella, Spain   5. Bregenzerwald, Austria     6. Berchtesgaden Alps, Germany     7. Rome, Italy 8. Santorini, Greece   9. London, England   10. Interlaken, Switzerland

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