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The best hotels in Amsterdam

Sophisticated hospitality gems that blend luxury with the city’s vibe!   Of all European cities, Amsterdam really has an unmatched vibe. The city is vibrant, filled with art, exhibitions and cool events but at the same time it surprises you with cute spots and romantic views on the canals, its flower shops and its bikes in [...]

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7 Most Expensive Hotels in Paris

The City of Love, The City of Lights, the French Capital, and The Fashion Capital of the World; call it what you may, Paris is a bounty of luxury like no other. If you’re on vacation in this place of sophistication and elegance, consider splurging on an expensive hotel for the ultimate luxury experience. With [...]

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Say Bonjour to Paris, the global hub for haute couture and classical architecture as we know it. Inspiring designers since the 1500’s, it’s no surprise that we’ve come to showcase the cool Paris hotels. Unlike other areas of the world, these boutique hotels in the City of Lights have a sense of chic style that [...]

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The Best New Hotels in NYC

A crop of new hotels in Manhattan are establishing themselves on the scene with sleek design, buzzy restaurants (11 Howard's Le Coucou is the place to be for brunch these days), and museum-quality art. Chain-heavy Midtown gets some shaking up with a few boutique openings, the Financial District reaches critical mass with two game-changers, and [...]

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The puzzle of hotel identity contains many pieces. There’s the location and the furnishings. There’s the amenities and the service. There’s the dining and recreation options. And then there’s the property’s history. Historic hotels are hard to beat if you’re looking for a real sense of place. They’re deeply entwined with their environment, simultaneously offering [...]

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