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Tainaron Blue – Peloponnese

Tainaron Blue Retreat, a three room hotel, housed in a tall traditional Maniot stoned tower, perched on a steep slope, near Vathia. An early 19th-century castle-like building was transformed to an expertly renovated hotel, full of intriguing design details. Thick stone walls, tiny windows, small wooden staircases and hidden trapdoors is what you should expect [...]

Elivi Skiathos Summer 2020: The idyllic hotel re-opens for the season

Talking about idyllic Elivi Skiathos, a five-star beachfront hotel, encircled by a wildlife refuge, a natural lagoon, and pine forest. Elivi Skiathos Hotel will open for the 2020 season with a range of new activities that encourage guests to reconnect with nature. The new activities include mindfulness walks through the forested headland with picnic hampers [...]

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A culinary tour of Tinos

Few destinations can claim to have made food as big a part of their identity as Tinos, with mouthwatering dishes and culinary festivals that champion the local products of this low-key but delicious Cycladic island. From its seafood and mountain herbs to its dairy products and wines, the island of Tinos is just as rich [...]

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Checking in at Chora Kythnos Suites

Chora Kythnos Suites will make you feel as if you have a home away from home in the Cycladic isles. Only this home comes with many privileges. Kithnos Island is a diamond on the rough in the Cyclades. Starting this year, it has its first boutique hotel, urging the traveler to discover its beauties. Interior [...]

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Spetses Style and sophistication in the Saronic Gulf

Live a lavish lifestyle on the Argosaronic island of captains, kings and VIPs The Armada, the Greek heroine Laskarina Bouboulina, the Old Port, the aristocratic ambience. This cosmopolitan island near Athens will make you want to return again and again. An ideal destination for a quick retreat all year round, Spetses has the ability to [...]

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The Greek Summer State of Mind

https://youtu.be/lCfYjUQgvaE Wherever you are in the world… whatever you’re up to… prepare to enter a Greek Summer state of mind: Love. Nature. Feeling free. It’s all yours… whenever you need it. We’re here for you. #GreekSummerFeeling | #DiscoverGreece

Halcyon Villas

The Halcyon Villas is a brand new luxury boutique hotel built on a superb hillside with panoramic mountain and sea views.It consists of two villas and two suites. Each villa is approximately 130 sq.m. and can accommodate 2-7 guests and each suite is approximately 70 sq.m. and can accommodate 2-4 guests. The complex is decorated [...]

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Milos has amazing beaches

Milos has amazing beaches; there are over 80 of them in total, many of which are accessible only by boat. All of the beaches are wonderful, but a few are certainly not to be missed. The hideaway Tzigrado beach is flanked by cliffs, and can only be accessed by boat or by a ladder from [...]

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Paros is one of the most loved holiday destinations in Greece.

Paros is one of the most loved holiday destinations in Greece. With its villages of cubic homes and unparalleled natural beauty, it’s no wonder. Sunny beaches with crystal clear water, like Chrissí Aktí, Santa Maria and Poúnda, are the perfect places from which to start a kayak or canoe tour of the coast. On land, [...]

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Voreina Gallery Suites

Voreina Gallery Suites is proudly located in the heart of Santorini within the traditional village of Pyrgos.The suites are perched on the northern hillside which allows for a panoramic view of the island and Aegean Sea. The northern directionality of the suites defines the hotel’s location and character, thus its namesake, Voreina (‘Northern’ in Greek).Keeping [...]

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