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8 World Destinations Outside The US And Europe To Include On Your Bucket List This Fall

Though Europe is on every travel enthusiast’s bucket list, airline cancellations, lost baggage, travel costs rising and issues on the ground in Europe may make travelers want to venture elsewhere for their next trip. With airport chaos and ‘Airmageddon’ on the mind, some travelers can also start to look for alternative world destinations to enjoy this [...]

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5 Of The Most Dog-Friendly Countries For Pet-Loving Travelers

Visit one (or all) of these 5 dog friendliest countries for pet-loving travelers. Leaving the fur baby at home isn’t always fun. Worrying about them while away, looking for them before remembering they aren’t there to enjoy that special moment with you can ruin an entire trip. On the other hand, taking your pup along for the [...]

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Kyoto Japan

As visits to Kyoto continue to climb, a trend that will only intensify when the Olympics come to Japan this summer, innovative hotels and museums are opening. The Fukuda Art Museum, which focuses largely on Kyoto artists from the Edo period to today, debuted in October, and the Kyocera Museum of Art is slated to [...]

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While the City Sleeps: 4 A.M. in Tokyo

Tokyo is the most heavily populated megacity in the world with nearly 38.5 million people buzzing about its streets daily. It is easy to be fascinated with the liveliness of a city like that. There is always action, always subjects to capture, and big city environment to soak in. However, artist and photographer, Robert Götzfried [...]

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Kyoto, Japan

Cherry blossom season is big news in Japan, where it’s monitored day-by-day across the country throughout March and April. Peak Kyoto Hanami is usually in the first week of April, (weather permitting) when the city is bathed in pink and white blooms. Chase the colours from gallerist Elmar Weinmayr’s converted warehouse loft in the city’s [...]

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The 6 Best Spring Cruise Destinations

Spring is the best season for travel in terms of weather. It's dry and not yet hot in many places around the world, and if you know when to book your cruise, you can score some amazing deals. A rule of thumb for springtime travel is to go when Spring breakers are leaving and before [...]

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10 stunning hotel views that’ll make your jaw drop

InterContinental Thalasso-Spa Bora Bora Bora Bora, French Polynesia "The views of the mountain are stunning… and the water is so clear you wouldn't believe it is real." Atlantis, The Palm Dubai, United Arab Emirates "The word I used over and over again was 'WOW' it was that sort of feeling."     Alila Villas Uluwatu [...]

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Winter is a time of hibernation for many. When the season arrives, the less hardy among us retreat to their homes for warm beverages and Netflix binges. But for the rest of us, the cooler climate brings its own kind of adventure, and it’s prime time to explore places all around the world that shine [...]

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The Hottest 10 Travel Destinations of 2016

Sunsets, nature experiences, better airports… Here are next year’s hottest countries to travel to according to the guidebook publisher Lonely Planet’s prestigious list “Best travel in 2016”. Here are the hottest travel destinations for 2016. Fiji Number ten on the list of countries you should visit in 2016 is Fiji. One of the main reasons, [...]

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