We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us

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Boys Don't Cry Lifuki Flowers In Love Napoli Underground Talking in Your Sleep (Crystal Remix) Ituana/Groove Da Praia Young Hearts Run Free Candi Staton The Girl from Ipanema Dan Fontaine Can't Forget the Night Marty Balin Paroles Aint No Mountain High Enough Il Divo/Marvin Gaye La riviθre de notre enfance Tony Bredelet/Boris Barbι/Hakob Ghasabian Une [...]

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Beats Powerbeats Pro

Not only do the Powerbeats Pro deliver surprisingly good audio quality, but the design makes them an excellent choice for anyone who’s concerned about how securely true wireless earbuds will stay seated in your ear as you pound the ground for an extended period of time. The hooks that loop behind your ear hold these [...]

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share the music, feel the vibe

https://open.spotify.com/track/03cVD7fHfjGRGi2kEOyIy3?si=ZO_ZwMasQ0SchGvJKhi1rg https://open.spotify.com/track/1Pg89TpJUosase8B6FRX9p?si=3BhhsZGORN-R8bcv-a8gKQ https://open.spotify.com/track/2EI5lZg5rjvmlpQG45L0lU?si=vT270hRdQHuBAsUcGKFDMw https://open.spotify.com/track/7tPM0UhtYT68KFIAmSbTYy?si=qkNVbSDTTWqux-RTfKQqxg Anne Marie David, the twice Eurovision participant has recently released the French version of the Israeli hit "Pashut lihyot/Just be", under the title "Veux Tu". The first lady of the Eurovision song contest is releasing a new song and takes us back to the jolly good 70's. Anne Marie David won the Eurovision song contest [...]

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SONG OF THE DAY/Hi (Single Mix)Texas

Hi hi hi hi high We got Hi hi hi hi high We got Hi hi hi hi High We got high Tell me tell me tell me What it’s all about You’ve got the answers baby There’s no doubt You got high You’re still high Spinning out of orbit In the pale moonlight Your [...]

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Luxury for your ears

Le Flex - Take Good Care Of My Heart https://youtu.be/wQEgWXksDVI?list=RD1qathfhOBXc Love this cover version and the duet is perfectly orchestrated.   Bryan Ferry & Todd Terje - Johnny & Mary   https://youtu.be/Din_eWjJWe0?list=RD1qathfhOBXc This cover is atmospheric and has sense of haunting, depression , reminiscing , just adds new dimension to this great song , miss [...]

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New Year’s Eve Dinner Soundtrack djmanolo

Figli Delle Stelle (featuring Danny Losito) Papik/Danny Losito Un bacio Γ¨ troppo poco Orchestra Volare Maryse - La Rencontre Ancora Tu (featuring Alan Scaffardi) Papik/Alan Scaffardi Giovanni Marradi - Romantico (Michalis GS Zucca Mix) i love you baby Emilee Luigi Catalano & Dim Zach - Il Mondo Questione Di Feeling (featuring Frankie Lovecchio and Stefy [...]

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SONG OF THE DAY/The Vikings – Francoise

Στίχοι: Tony Stefanidis Μουσική: Τάσος Χαμουρτιάδης Τα μέλη: Αντώνης Βαρδής: Κιθάρα, Τραγούδι Γιώργος Μελέκης: Μπάσο (έως το1968) Νίκος Μητσόπουλος: Μπάσο (από το 1968) Γιώργος Μυλωνάς: Όργανο Γιάννης Πανταζής: Ντραμς (έως το 1968) Αντώνης Ιωάννου: Ντραμς (από το 1968) Αντώνης Στεφανίδης: Τραγούδι (έως το 1967) Σταύρος Λαδάς: Κιθάρα (από το 1967) Τάσος Χαμουρτιάδης: Κιθάρα (από το [...]

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LOVE BALLADS – Some of the worlds most beautiful love songs

Ten Sharp - You https://youtu.be/sRTVJ-uGHN0 Barbra Streisand - Woman in Love https://youtu.be/hQLGCX8D-1Y Wet Wet Wet - Love Is All Around https://youtu.be/h3gEkwhdXUE George Michael - Careless Whisper https://youtu.be/izGwDsrQ1eQ Linda Ronstadt & Aaron Neville Don't Know Much  https://youtu.be/i_ElZaDt2D4 Look at this face I know the years are showing Look at this life I still don't know where [...]

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Known for their high-quality gaming gear, Razer jumped into the wireless earphone world last year with the release of the first Hammerhead earbuds. The Hammerhead Pro raises the stakes, with Bluetooth 5.1 for a latency of 60 ms to ensure that gaming sounds are never out of sync with what you see on screen. The [...]

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