We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us

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Boys Don't Cry Lifuki Flowers In Love Napoli Underground Talking in Your Sleep (Crystal Remix) Ituana/Groove Da Praia Young Hearts Run Free Candi Staton The Girl from Ipanema Dan Fontaine Can't Forget the Night Marty Balin Paroles Aint No Mountain High Enough Il Divo/Marvin Gaye La riviθre de notre enfance Tony Bredelet/Boris Barbι/Hakob Ghasabian Une [...]

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New music Friday for music lovers !

https://open.spotify.com/track/303oeyQJklQReUBrszN2j2?si=477cba0296744d90 2021 is the year of Zaz. After a three-year break and a need for distance, the singer has been engaged for a few weeks in small short films in order to present her new album to us. From his desires, to his current state of mind to the writing process with the help of [...]

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SONG OF THE DAY/Ian Ikon – My Heart Is Lost (feat. Tom Gaebel)

https://youtu.be/4k_bZ4Vtw08 I stayed to find what love was all about To choose the easy way and have no doubt I wish I could know what is right or wrong To follow rhymes from my inner song How many sides a love can really show So many ways to slowly go How many roads I see [...]

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Your Spring Cocktail’s Secret Weapon

Muddled, shaken or made into a cordial, snap peas add bright, savory flavor to spritzes, highballs and more. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________   In a year when Instagram has arguably served up more drinks than most in-person bartenders, eye-catching bright colors count. No wonder the snap pea cocktail has become a borderline phenomenon. Yet, the vibrant green hue [...]

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“it’s a smile, it’s a kiss, it’s a sip of wine … it’s summertime!” djmanolo

High_Energy_-_Radio Version Feel The Real - Micky More & Andy Tee Classic Radio Edit Incognito Sing It Back Dancing Queen Aint Nobody Everybody Be Somebody-Radio Edit Ride_Like_the_Wind_-_Extended Mix Show Me Love_(Jolyon Petchs Elektrik Disco Mix Edit) Easy_Lover_-_Original Mix Freed_From_Desire_-_Extended Mix What_a_Feeling_-_Radio Mix The_Best_of_My_Love_-_Extended Mix Back To My Roots   “On summer nights when the windows [...]

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Easy Listening, smooth Jazz And Lounge ,cosmopolitan Tunes April 2021 DJMANOLO

Il Mondo Dakis Impossible Fontella Bass You Don't Own Me Lesley Gore Ti Amo Dalida Roda Vida Teofilo Chantre La Bella Vita Martini (Pete Nashell)(The LoverTones) DJ PANTELIS - Paul Weller - You Do Something To Me (DJ Pantelis Remix) What a Difference a Day Makes Ike Moriz Paradise (with The Band) Mario Biondi Il [...]

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Beats Powerbeats Pro

Not only do the Powerbeats Pro deliver surprisingly good audio quality, but the design makes them an excellent choice for anyone who’s concerned about how securely true wireless earbuds will stay seated in your ear as you pound the ground for an extended period of time. The hooks that loop behind your ear hold these [...]

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How to Make a Bees Knees, a Roaring ’20s Gin Cocktail to Ring in the Spring

I suppose the first thing to say is that bees do, indeed, have knees. Best to clear that up right away.   As a phrase, especially as a ridiculous one, the “bee’s knees” has lived an unusual amount of lives. It’s always been nonsense, but strangely, the type of nonsense, it’s particular flavor, has evolved. [...]

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Crystal Clear Waters and Secret Coves Await You at Syvota

Facing the southern tip of Corfu, Syvota is considered to be one of the most exotic destinations in Greece. Sandy shores, luscious green islets, long sheltered beaches with crystal clear waters and secret coves, are just some of the small town’s many features. It is the perfect stop for sailors in the Ionian archipelago, but [...]

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800 HP Bronze Lamborghini Urus With Mansory Carbon Kit Is Worth $500,000

The Lamborghini Urus is easily the most famous performance SUV in the world, but it's not peerless. German twin-turbo SUVs have begun to give it some trouble. While the Italians still don't offer any performance gains, you can always drop $500,000 on a tuned version. This is the Lamborghini Urus P820 Venatus by Mansory. Even [...]

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