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10 incredible hotel rooftops

lebua at State Tower Bangkok, Thailand "The bar and restaurant views are breathtaking views and they are just as lovely from the bedroom balconies." Marina Bay Sands Singapore Ink48 - a Kimpton Hotel New York City, NY, US "Ink48 has become my favorite hotel in NYC… I love to get a drink on the roof [...]

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Top Travel Destinations for 2017

The Greek Islands Greece is on many people’s travel wishlist this year and with good reason. With its economy still on the rebound, tourism has never been stronger, or more important to helping Greece get back on its feet. And lucky for us, there’s also never been a better time to visit the spectacular Greek islands. If [...]

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La Paloma

If you go down to Mexico and ask a Mexican what Mexicans drink, you won’t hear anything even remotely similar to the word “margarita.” Margaritas are the guilty pleasure of Americans, not the traditional drink of Mexico. If you want something closer to what they’re drinking south of the border, you need to get the [...]

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Photo of the Day|John Rathwell

Rafa Ortiz on the Michoacán Kayak Expedition in Uruapan, Mexico. John Rathwell is a self-taught Ottawa-based photographer who immerses viewers in captured moments and scenes. “I strive to create images that make the viewer fall into them,” says Rathwell, whose assignment highlights for C&K include coverage of the 2015 ICF Freestyle World Championships and 2014 [...]

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49 Islands You Must Visit Before You Die

1. Bora Bora, French Polynesia 2. Santorini, Greece 3. Pig Beach, The Bahamas 4. Maui, HI 5. Aitutaki, Cook Islands 6. Saint Martin 7. Ko Phi Phi Don, Thailand 8. Kauai, HI 9. Saint John, US Virgin Islands 10. Bali, Indonesia 11. Miyajima, Japan 12. Boracay, Philippines 13. Sicily, Italy 14. Anguilla 15. Koh Hong [...]

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