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5 amazing taverns in Tinos

The wonderful Tinos with its blue waters, stunning beaches, gorgeous mountainous villages and the great wineries, is a favourite destination for many Greek and foreign travellers, generously offering amazing experiences and creating memories and providing them with countless options. Aeolus seems to be still living in Tsiknias, the tallest mountain in Tinos, allowing the winds to shake [...]

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15 Best Places to see Sunsets in London from a Local

Sunsets are always unique and mesmerizing; it’s an absolute delight to watch the day-star spoil us with displays of beautiful oranges, pinks, and purples before bidding us goodnight. But, where to see this stunning sky show in London? Let’s take a look at some exquisite places to watch the sunset in London. city of london skyline at [...]

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Gucci ‘Diana’ Tote Bag Collection

Reflective of its era, a bamboo handle tote was first presented by the House in 1991. Speaking to the narrative of evolution and reinvention that runs through Gucci’s designs, the bag is reimagined by Alessandro Michele in three different sizes with removable, contrasting leather belts —a nod to the functional bands that once came with the original [...]

How to Make a Cadillac Margarita

You'll need all top-shelf spirits to make this Cadillac margarita. It's a swanky upgrade to the classic drink! Margarita lovers who fancy themselves connoisseurs of the classic cocktail might be ready for a tasty upgrade. Whereas the classic margarita is made with young silver or blanco tequila and Triple Sec orange liqueur, for the Cadillac [...]

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Discover Paris at Night (2022) | 27 Things To Fall in Love With

Paris is known by many names: the city of love, and the city of lights. The city is, above all else, a true melting pot of fashion, art, and culture. It’s no surprise that, just like love and lights, the city comes alive at night. Join me and we’ll discover what makes Paris at night [...]

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Witches Ginger Brew Cocktail

Courtesy Jennifer Clark, bar manager, Sternewirth at Hotel Emma at Pearl, San Antonio, TX This “juicy, citrusy, fruity” drink is a riff on the classic Moscow Mule, Clark says. Therefore, this drink also happily works with vodka, if preferred. Of note, the more blackberries used, the darker purple the brew will become. Clark offers these [...]

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This Vitamin Affects Your Skin, Immune System, and Eye Health

PHOTO: MARYNA TERLETSKA/GETTY IMAGES It can be hard to keep track of all the good-for-you vitamins and minerals out there and their benefits, especially if you're not a healthcare professional or nutritionist. I know I sometimes need a refresher—and I'm a wellness editor! But yes, you might know what vitamin C and vitamin D and zinc do, but maybe you're not [...]

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3 exercises, 2 dumbbells and this home workout for toned abs and stronger core

Enhance your core muscles in just 5 minutes with this quick workout Core workouts can often be neglected in our fitness regime as we seek to tone and strengthen the more noticeable parts of our body, such as the biceps or glutes. Incorporating core workouts such as this one into your routine has numerous benefits, [...]

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As She Turns 64, Enjoy Some Of Kate Bush’s Most Entrancing Beauty Moments

From Wuthering Heights to Running Up That Hill (her debut, which recently hit number one 37 years after it was first released, after featuring in season four of Stranger Things), Kate Bush is one of the world’s best-loved musicians. Eccentric, eclectic and as talented as they come, she is a British beauty who is known [...]

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