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The unexpected interplay of delicateness and strength lies at the core of Prada collections that perpetually seek to challenge expectations and norms.   Prada Paradoxe Intense explores typical characteristics of femininity: softness, sensuality and fragility, reinterpreting these codes to propose new meanings for a woman who is never the same, yet always herself. It is [...]

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The One Common Mistake That Makes Your Perfume Wear Off Quickly

Perfume is dynamic, and it smells different on everyone. You see, fragrance notes can shift depending on your skin's pH balance, oil composition, body temperature, and so on; and each of these factors can affect how your skin interacts with each scent. That's why, for example, you may absolutely adore a friend's perfume, but when [...]

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Billie Eilish’s First Perfume

The debut fragrance from Billie Eilish is coming this November. It is called Eilish. The fragrance is developed under the license of Parlux. The fragrance is based on vanilla, because Billie loves vanilla and because vanilla is universally loved. The gourmand scent will launch direct-to-consumer in November for $68. You can find it on billieeilishfragrances.com [...]

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Chanel №5: What Makes It What It Is?

May 5th, 1921, is considered the birthday of the Chanel №5 fragrance, which celebrates its centenary this year. Coco Chanel had a special love for the number 5: "I present my collection of dresses on the fifth day of the fifth month and so we will leave this sample number five with the same name [...]

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More is More! Perfume Trio for Men by Judith Lieber

Judith Lieber launches 3 men's fragrances for the line More is More! – the spicy aromatic More Spice!, the aromatic aquatic More Marine!, and the deep dark More Leather!. The men's fragrances come after the fragrance trio for women introduced in 2020. The most unusual aspect of them is their bottle, resembling some kind of [...]

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