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Spetses: Saronic Island of History, Glamour, and Tradition

Cosmopolitan and welcoming, Spetses is a short hop from the unassuming port of Kosta on the mainland and its more glamourous neighbour Porto Heli. As the boat approaches, the white town with red rooves looms into view against a backdrop of pine trees. In front is the Posedonion Hotel, the oldest hotel on the Greek [...]

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Poseidonion Grand Hotel * Spetses

The term “grande dame” is used in hospitality jargon to underline not only the iconic beauty behind a historic gem but also an elegant high-status ambiance. And Poseidonion Grand Hotel embodies every ounce of this expression. A landmark of Spetses island, and one of very few of its kind in Greece, it has a long history, a [...]

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Explore the Island of Spetses, Close and Yet So Far From Athens

Just a two-hour ferry ride away from Athens, the island of Spetses, with its picturesque old harbor, is a well-known destination for a fabulous weekend getaway. Spetses has an especially elegant atmosphere, mainly due to its many Venetian mansions, which bring to mind another place and time. The scenic capital of the island, Spetses Town, [...]

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The Pine Estate is Poseidonion Grand Hotel’s new private villa!

Spetses island’s iconic hotel is expanding its already top hospitality standards with the Pine Estate! If you have been to Poseidonion Grand Hotel, you are a lucky traveller. And if you haven’t yet, you certainly have heard (and dreamt) about it. Spetses island’s iconic hotel combines an impressive facade with an even more impressive history [...]

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Spetses Style and sophistication in the Saronic Gulf

Live a lavish lifestyle on the Argosaronic island of captains, kings and VIPs The Armada, the Greek heroine Laskarina Bouboulina, the Old Port, the aristocratic ambience. This cosmopolitan island near Athens will make you want to return again and again. An ideal destination for a quick retreat all year round, Spetses has the ability to [...]

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Orloff Resort

Orloff Resort -Old Harbor of Spetses. The ORLOFF RESORT lies near the cosmopolitan Old Harbor of Spetses, where the heart of the island’s nobility and historical tradition beats. The vision in the minds and hearts of its creators was to build a place of tranquility that would be relaxing on the eye and calming to [...]

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On this elegant isle, you will find the blue-green waters of the Saronic Gulf meeting pine forests that stretch down to the water’s edge. Its rich history, in part as the home of wealthy shipowners who played a key role in the Greek War of Independence, is evident in the grand architecture of its aristocratic [...]

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Welcome to Zoe’s Club hotel in Spetses.

''ZOE'S CLUB'' SPETSES ISLAND Welcome to Zoe’s Club hotel in Spetses. A luxurious apartment complex, especially designed to meet all of our visitor’s needs and to offer an unforgettable stay, inspired by the cosmopolitan and vivid personality of the island. With exclusive services, plain luxury and discrete privacy, Zoe’s Club is one of the most [...]

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Villa Christina “Only as a hostel for youth”

Beautiful house in the center of spetses with a small inner yard but very little space(many small rooms),no reception and mostly, no credit cards!! The only advantage its position and the kind owners!Yet it is not enough if you have the name Villa and you want to be a professional of accommodation and tourism in [...]

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