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Indulging in the raw luxury of Kea Retreat * Cyclades

Kea Retreat is a beachfront paradise in an untouched area of the Cycladic Island of Kea There are many ways for a traveller to seek to escape the hustle and bustle of big city life. Most of the time, it’s the things you leave behind that make a difference. It’s Friday morning and my best [...]

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5 islands for weekend getaways in September: Strolling at picturesque alleys, swimming in immaculate waters

Returning from a holiday and needing to deal with an abrupt end to carefree ways can be upsetting, prompting a desire for a little extra time away. If feeling so, choose a couple of days in September, pack your travel bag and take off again. After all, as is commonly known, the Greek islands are [...]

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Discover Paris at Night (2022) | 27 Things To Fall in Love With

Paris is known by many names: the city of love, and the city of lights. The city is, above all else, a true melting pot of fashion, art, and culture. It’s no surprise that, just like love and lights, the city comes alive at night. Join me and we’ll discover what makes Paris at night [...]

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Running Up That Hill was the UK’s song of the summer

Kate Bush's 1985 hit Running Up That Hill was the UK's song of the summer, says the Official Chart Company. The song's improbable but inspiring resurgence came after it featured in the TV show Stranger Things, bringing it to a new generation of fans. They streamed it 86.6 million times between June and August, more [...]

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Vacationing at The Windmill * Kimolos

In this first summer of freedom after the Corona era, one cannot fail to notice a shift towards vacations that still focus on luxury but are also combined with local authenticity and a much-needed connection with nature, preferably in untouched places. This is why I, too, chose an off-the-beaten-track Cycladic island for my August 2022 [...]

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Lovely Lisbon: Enjoying Portugal’s Capital City In 3 Different Ways

Fantastic food, delectable wines, colourful buildings, notable landmarks, great weather, nearby beaches and much more makes Portugal’s coastal capital city of Lisbon a must-visit destination. The hilly city is brimming with places to explore, both on land and sea, and plenty of ways to let loose for a holiday to treasure. On land, you can discover a [...]

This Vitamin Affects Your Skin, Immune System, and Eye Health

PHOTO: MARYNA TERLETSKA/GETTY IMAGES It can be hard to keep track of all the good-for-you vitamins and minerals out there and their benefits, especially if you're not a healthcare professional or nutritionist. I know I sometimes need a refresher—and I'm a wellness editor! But yes, you might know what vitamin C and vitamin D and zinc do, but maybe you're not [...]

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SONG OF THE DAY/Elias Fassos & RisK (GR), Michalis Karagiannis Mia Agapi Gia To Kalokairi (Original Mix)

https://youtu.be/RhRzbfiFi7c Μια αγάπη για το καλοκαίρι θα ‘μαι κι εγώ να σου κρατώ δροσιά στο χέρι να σε φιλώ. Θα μ’ αγαπάς σαν καλοκαίρι και σαν παιδί, μα θα μου φύγεις με τ’ αγέρι και τη βροχή.

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Feeling relaxed at Parilio * Paros

  Parilio is the first luxury getaway in Paros offering an authentic and organic Greek experience What could satisfy an experienced traveler who wishes to combine Cycladic vibes with quality hospitality? When it comes to the Cyclades, luxury does not only mean fluffy beds and turn-down service. Luxurious living amidst the bustling life of the [...]

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