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Summer House on Karpathos named one of the World’s Best Designed Homes

Summer House on Karpathos named one of the World’s Best Designed Homes A stunning holiday home located on Karpathos island, set over a rocky cliff and featuring an open-air dining area that looks out across the Aegean Sea, has been named one of the world’s best-designed homes for 2018 at the prestigious World [...]

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Stockholm, Sweden

This is definitely a case of first impressions made in the snow and loved ever since. The first time I visited Stockholm I arrived on a ferry from Germany that had just made its way across the frozen Baltic Sea, landing in Stockholm after it had just snowed. The Gamla Stan, the old town, the [...]

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Stockholm, Sweden

The Minimalist trend has swept over the world and became hugely popular in the past few years. Originating in Sweden, these roots have given the city of Stockholm the title of one of the most influential cities to fashion by High Snobiety. A city that is rich in style, there are several spots to visit [...]

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Sweden is a land where you find virgin forests and modern cities, ancient culture and modern style, fascinating museums almost everywhere, and incredible dining opportunities at the drop of a fork. It’s a beautiful country to explore, made even more so by the friendly, engaging Swedes, most of whom speak English. Unfortunately, too much of [...]

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Top 10 alternative city breaks in Europe

For great-value city breaks, look past the capitals and big names; some of Europe’s liveliest cultural scenes are in its smaller cities Ghent, Belgium Lyon, France Leipzig, Germany Segovia, Spain Porto, Portugal Linz, Austria Rotterdam, the Netherlands Turin, Italy Gothenburg, Sweden Belgrade, Serbia @ElenitsaB 

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