”Geodi”. Taste of a good life.

Geodi S.A., based in Athens, Greece, was established in 2007.

Geodi produces all-natural, superior quality, healthy food products made of fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs of certified organic farming straight from the Greek countryside. By combining the art of traditional home-making techniques with the use of advanced modern technological equipment, we preserve most of the “freshness” and nutrients of fresh fruit and vegetable in the final product, while meeting stringent hygiene requirements. In this way a “homemade” all-natural product is turned into a commercial delicacy of high nutritional value, without additives or preservatives.

Mission: Οur goal is to provide all natural, high quality jam, sauces & spreads from fresh fruit straight from the Greek countryside.

Vision:To become a worldwide reputable brand and a reliable manufacturer of high quality & healthy products.


Combines the art of traditional home-making techniques and advanced technology.
Aims to preserve most of the freshness of fresh fruit in the final product.
Adherence & focus on innovation.
More than 20 national & international awards.
Outward looking: Participation in major international food exhibitions; follow-up of major technological advancements.
Strong growth foundations and competitive strength are provided by: manning with educated, experienced high calibre personnel, close monitoring and control with quality assurance systems and support by a strong panel of leading professionals from the food industry, academic food scientists and technologists, as well as health and diet specialists.

website: www.geodinet.gr