It’s The Daily Front Row‘s yearly Fashion Media Awards, darlings! And the stars came out! In fashion!


Babyface in Alexander McQueen

We think the pairing of this suit with those sneaker boots is pretty perfect. In fact, we don’t think anything else could be paired with those sneaker boots that’ll make them look as good as they do here. It’s a pretty great look, top to bottom.



Brie Larson in Rodarte

It’s certainly not the worst Rodarte we’ve ever seen, and it’s got a few things going for it (like silhouette, suitability to the wearer and color story), but it’s coming off overdesigned to us. We tend not to love the “I’ve come undone” style of dress, but we think the sequins actually make the effect even tackier. Her head styling is way too low-key for it.


Elle Fanning in Givenchy

This is a really chic look for the stylish 70-year-old. There’s no crime in her wearing it, but it feels like it’s on the wrong person.



Gwyneth Paltrow

We will never understand white people matching their outfits to their skin. Girl, get a little contrast in your life.



Teyana Taylor in Mônot

This would be so hot if it fit her correctly. Granted, the folks likeliest to find it hot are the least likely to care about the fit, so take our opinion with the pound of salt it requires. Love the face jewelry, but we’re not feeling those black beads.