PNL – A l’Ammoniaque


Christine and The Queens – Doesn’t matter (voleur de soleil)

Je m’attarde un peu sur comme ils s’aiment
Ça change rien à mon problème
Et les seules personnes que je peux supporter
Sont ces types à qui on ne lance plus la monnaie
Je m’assois avec, ça les gêne
Leur silence repose ma peine
Et c’est pas forcément que je fuis les fantômes
Plutôt que les gens parlent fort dans mon dos
It doesn’t matter, does it
If I know any exit
If I believe in god and if god does exist

C’est la rage qui m’fait avancer
Et j’en veux à la volée
Et surtout à celle qui n’a pas su se suicider
Tous les soirs le même affreux sourire inversé
It doesn’t matter, does it
If I know any exit
If I believe in god and if god does exist

Elle ne mange plus rien, elle nie tout
Ses jambes sont deux rubans mous
Elle s’effondre sur ses deux genoux quartier rouge
Et les mecs dévisagent sans que personne ne bouge
It doesn’t matter, does it
If I know any exit
If I believe in god and if god does exist

Et si je me dégrade pour des envies chiennes
Et si d’autres dansent comme lui trop près de la Seine
Et si cette porte dessinée à la craie se pousse
Et si après le vide, c’est le matelas mousse
J’en ai trop dit
Et personne m’écoute
Pensée pour ces types
Monnaie dans la coupe
Plonge dans ta poche et sauve le soleil !
Ne leur dis pas que t’as le soleil !
Cours, je te couvre, voleur de soleil !
Plonge dans ta poche et vole le soleil !
Sauve tout, ne reviens jamais !


Blonde – Me, Myself & I ft. Bryn Christopher

‘Me, Myself & I’, an uplifting piano house banger with a seriously catchy vocal hook, signifies that Blonde, the electro house duo, are officially back and better than ever. Featuring Bryn Christopher’s soaring vocals, a 90s throwback vibe, and a fresh and contemporary production, this track is set to top their previous hits, ‘All Cried Out’, ‘I Loved You’, and ‘Nothing Like This’. All it needed was a video to match…
Enter Jordan Rossi, director and important voice in the LGBTQ community, who teamed up with Blonde to make a music video focused on the power of the individual. Amazing characters with astonishing makeup, crazy outfits and even crazier dance moves all take centre stage in this feast for the eyes and ears. But with self-love and a celebration of uniqueness at the film and song’s core, this is set to be a dose of goodness for the soul too.
Starring Freida Slaves and Kitty Underhill, we watch these two fabulous figures get seriously glammed up while playing the song in the background for a musical pep talk.
Alongside this, a club gets into fullblown party spirit; building up to a catwalk / walk off, fit for the likes of ‘Paris is Burning’. And – spoiler alert! – this is where our main protagonists turn up and strut their stuff, showing us exactly who they are and what they are made of.
Appearances from the likes of Tayce, Venus Labido, Cara Melle, and the Blonde crew themselves fill the screen for a project teaming with inspirational and active figures.
When discussing the shoot Jordan said: ‘It was such an amazing project to work on, honestly it was as fun as it looks. Everyone let loose, gave it everything on the day and it shows on screen. To have the opportunity to showcase not only the LGBTQ community, but stories about body positivity and diversity is such a rare thing to have. I’m so grateful for the trust Blonde, management and the record label put in me.’
So, from Blonde, Jordan and their cast of amazing individuals, the message is clear… be yourself and happiness will follow

A R I Z O N A – Summer Days