Maren Morris – Dancing with Myself

On Thursday, the musician, 33, released a cathartic, downtempo cover of Billy Idol’s 1981 classic “Dancing with Myself.”

Alongside the single, Morris shared its accompanying music video which features the singer in sunglasses, sporting a leather trenchcoat, white tank top and jeans while dancing throughout Grimey’s Records in East Nashville. The visual pays homage to the spirit of the 2000 film High Fidelity.



Shaznay Lewis – Kiss of Life

Shaznay Lewis releases new single Kiss Of Life from forthcoming solo album Pages



Panski – In the Air Tonight (feat. Dana Kelson)


Hozier – Too Sweet

Nearly seven months after the release of his third studio album “Unreal Unearth,” Irish singer-songwriter Hozier released “Unheard” on March 22. The four-song EP consists of the tracks that did not make it onto his album, but they act together to form a strong stand-alone project.

In the weeks leading up to the EP’s release, Hozier teased the song “Too Sweet” on TikTok, and it quickly went viral, becoming subject to copious lip-syncing
videos and fit checks.

The song represents gluttony in its purest form; Hozier wants to selfishly indulge in his lover, but he knows he cannot. In the catchy chorus he sings, “I’d rather take my whiskey neat / My coffee black and my bed at three / You’re too sweet for me,” implying that he is rejecting them because they are “too sweet” for him.

The bass line in “Too Sweet” is immediately all-consuming, giving the song an eerie, dark undertone that portrays the persistence of his gluttonous thoughts. It is reminiscent of “De Selby (Part 2)” on “Unreal Unearth,” feeding into the dark, almost evil persona that Hozier has given himself.