Blending seamlessly into its environment, the Mirror Houses boast maximum privacy, and minimal visual impact, whilst showcasing unparalleled design.

Dubbed the ‘Mirror Houses’, each unit comprises of a kitchen, living room, bath-and-bedroom, with enormous open-air skylights that allow for natural light and ventilation. Featuring temporary storage space in the miniature basement, the structure itself is oriented eastward, with substantial room for a private garden, autonomous access, cantilevered roof canopies, outdoor terraces, and parking.

Divided into two individual units, each section varies in height and length, for a less rigid aesthetic, whilst capturing the awe-inspiring surrounding panorama both indoors-and-out with floor-to-ceiling glazed facades.

Coated with a glare-reducing film to help prevent bird collisions, the Mirror Houses are currently listed for short-term rent. Blending seamlessly into its environment, the houses boast maximum privacy, minimal visual impact, and showcase an unparalleled design.