Discover The Rooster in Antiparos, a hidden gem that celebrates privacy in complete harmony with nature


Conceived as a wellness and lifestyle resort to embrace Slow Living, The Rooster is designed with unpretentious aesthetic luxury in mind, paired with excellent service, providing a holistic experience for a mindfulness escape. Nestled between the sandy, unspoilt beaches of the Aegean coastline and the dramatic landscape of the Cyclades, amidst open fields and the mystical caves of Antiparos island, The Rooster celebrates privacy in complete harmony with nature.

Interiors at The Rooster

Inspired by the raw natural beauty and the rustic charm of the place, The Rooster focuses on tranquility. Its 17 houses are in perfect harmony with the surrounding landscape while its architecture and interior design combine contemporary and iconic Cycladic architectural details with understated elegance. The lines are sleek and transitional, creating a quaint and comfortable warm aesthetic. The result is a warm and home-like environment, where one can unwind and relax. The simplicity of the rooms sustains a unique unpretentiously luxurious aesthetic style. The interior design, conceived to create an air of a private shelter, allows for spacious and elegant indoor areas, reflecting a casual-chic style with an eclectic attitude. Wood, marble and cotton, all in a variety of a naturally soothing palette prevail, while an inventive combination of textures and patinas create a feeling of spiritual calmness.

The story behind The Rooster Antiparos is as overwhelming as the place itself

More than a resort, it is a life’s project, thoroughly thought-out to the very last detail by an inspiring woman, a true visionary, generous in all respects. Feeling blessed for a decisive moment in her life, her spiritual awakening and re-evaluation of what is real and what matters, she dreamt of a safe haven for those who aspire to personal growth through travel, art and culture, where happiness can be appreciated in small details and simple pleasures. It is a private oasis of wellness and natural beauty, peaceful and unpretentious, that will reveal the best of one’s self through an unforgettable experience

The Rooster in Antiparos is specially made to make us disconnect from hectic daily life and revel in the luxury of Slow Living through Sustainable-Local-Organic-Wellness-Fun-Learning-Inspiring-Experiences. It is a place of freedom and rejuvenation, of spiritual awakening and unwinding, of inspiration and deep relaxation.

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