Fascinated by the youthful aura and positive energy that Ios emits, states the author of the extensive tribute
“Ios please, can we have some more?” asks The Sun newspaper at the end of the recent travel article that praises the Cycladic island of Homer.

The editor of the extensive tribute, who visited the island last summer at the invitation of the Municipality of Ios, said he was fascinated by the youthful aura and positive energy of the island.

Despite the nightlife and the parties, Ios is kept clean, says the journalist in the article, who then records the effort being made for the destination to develop and highlight its other interesting dimensions.

Gastronomy, alternative activities, festivals, marine tourism, trails and very interesting historical monuments such as the tomb of Homer and the prehistoric settlement of Skarkos are very worthwhile experiences.

According to The Sun, Ios is no longer just a magnet for young people, but is an ideal place for families with young children, couples in love, nature lovers, hikers, travelers outside the high season, but also “empty nesters”, parents with grown children.

“Ios means energy. The feeling of renewal that the island generously offers, we seek to preserve and highlight it by developing different aspects, such as special forms of tourism, culture and sports events,” said the chairman of the Tourism Committee of the Municipality of Ieton, Antonis Mettos.

“The significant increase in traffic in non-peak tourist months such as May, June , September and October confirms that we are on the right track,” he added.

Alongside the promotion in international media and in view of the next season, the Municipality of Ieton seeks to inspire the friends of the destination through the new video about what took place at the last Ios Festival, which was interspersed with concerts, visual events, music, dances and exhibitions.