Mykonos Theoxenia ‘s story began in 1960 and its all about minimal design, legendary location and insightful cultural experiences

After undergoing an extensive renovation, Mykonos Theoxenia, an iconic Greek hotel will open its doors in July 2022, combining historic beauty with contemporary design. Among the hottest hotel openings of 2022, Theoxenia will offer in total 49 rooms-37 impeccably styled bedrooms, eight deluxe suites and four signature suites with private pools and terraces, a seafront pool, spa, restaurant, and bar. Reimagined by Vois Architects, Theoxenia nods to the enchantment of its iconic past, whilst welcoming a new era of sophistication in Mykonos. The hotel is distinctive for its minimal design, legendary location and insightful cultural experiences. Next to the iconic windmills, hugged by the Aegean Sea and hailing across the way to Delos, the birthplace of light, Theoxenia’s location is at the core of the guest experience. Expect a sense of blissful seclusion, mythical escapism, and total autonomy to discover and explore the infamous island.

Design and Architecture in Mykonos Theoxenia

Originally designed by Aris Konstantinidis, one of Greece’s most revered architects, Mykonos Theoxenia is a proud member of Design Hotels. Characterised by the Greek Ministry of Culture as a preserved national heritage, guests can expect a modernist style combined with heritage designVois architects worked with designer, Cosmoanima, to reimagine and preserve the integrity of this historic domain.  Traditional Cycladic building techniques were maintained throughout and, due to a shared origin with the Delian stone that compounds the existing sea walls, the unique exterior walls of the hotel were carefully preserved. The typically Greek white and blue colour scheme has been gently embellished with added touches of terracotta. Choice furniture from the period pays tribute to the vintage 1960’s postmodern aesthetics. Clean lines, bright, airy spaces, and natural soft linens offset the building’s original stone and marble elements. Rooms and suites are purposefully minimal, either facing the coastline, or embedded within the hotel’s gardens, whilst the hotel’s four signature suites feature private swimming pools and spacious terraces that are perfect for sundowners.

History and Myth

Once the haunt of legendary actor, Brigitte Bardot, and 60’s icon, Jackie O, Mykonos Theoxenia has garnered a reputation for eclectic style and tasteful hedonism.  Well known as a popular destination for the cosmopolitan jet set, the hotel’s latest renovation will leave guests inspired by both the simplicity and laid-back charm of Greek lifestyle and the euphoria of long summer days under the golden sun. The team at Theoxenia take immense pride in their warm and personal approach to hospitality, with this core value even woven into the hotel name: Theo–meaning God and Xenia-meaning the Greek custom of offering hospitality.

Greeknessence in Mykonos Theoxenia

The idea of ‘Greeknessence’ pervades life at Theoxenia. It is a notion grounded in the hotel’s classic Greek soul and the beautiful simplicity of the surrounding, natural landscape. Theoxenia’s vision of hospitality combines spontaneity, authenticity, and style to create a true sense of place. Whether choosing to awaken the senses with an invigorating swim in the Aegean, embark on a boat trip to the island of Delos, celebrate the full moon with a bonfire at the beach or indulge the palate with fine Mediterranean flavours, Theoxenia nurtures the journey of guests to fulfil their personal purpose, whatever that may be. As well as state-of-the-art facilities, cutting-edge accommodation, a spectacular pool and spacious grounds, Mykonos Theoxenia offers private cruises to the island’s picturesque bays and guided tours to the neighboring islands of Rineia and Delos.  More adventurous guests can enjoy private snorkeling, or scuba-diving excursions to discover traces of underwater ruins dating to the Ancient Greek Empire.

Theoxenia invites its visitors to arrive as a guest and leave as a friend, teaching them to live like a true Myconian. The choice is simple; an immersion in the bustle of local life, exploring the maze-like town (built to protect inhabitants from pirates), or a tranquil retreat in your own private oasis, disturbed by nothing but the sound of lapping waves, cooling breeze of the Med and utmost Greek hospitality.