Pete Philly is a multi-lingual hybrid, travelling across the world before settling in the Netherlands.

Coming of age in the harbour community of Amsterdam, he soaked up vintage soul, hip-hop, rap, and all facets of underground culture.

Blending these into one potent whole, Pete Philly gained enormous hype before serious illness sadly struck him down.

Taking a step back, it’s been seven years since he performed live – but that’s all set to change in 2018.

Arranging a flurry of live shows, Pete Philly has begun planning new material, new releases, and new projects.

He explains: “The reason why I’m doing all this is because I am making music to perform on stage, in front of an audience. I have missed the feeling to connect with an audience that way. So much love and madness will pour out of me, it’s bizarre. This is going to be so special.”

We’re able to share new track ‘Favorite Song’ and it’s a bold R&B driven bop, effortlessly soulful and completely hypnotic.

Tune in now.