Rediscover Elegance: The Reopening of Carlton Cannes, A Regent Hotel

Imagine a place where history meets modern luxury, and elegance greets you at every turn. Welcome to the Carlton Cannes, A Regent Hotel, a legendary gem on the beautiful Cote d’Azur coastline. Loved by famous movie stars and respected leaders for years, this Grande Dame is about to begin a new chapter in its story.

A Marvelous Makeover: Bringing the Past to Life

The Carlton Cannes stands as the embodiment of elegance, a veritable ‘Grande Dame’ in the realm of Cannes’ luxurious hotels. Its majestic Belle Epoque façade, adorned with twin domes, has been meticulously restored to its former glory, breathing new life into this cherished historical gem. Boasting 332 exquisite rooms, including 72 with breathtaking sea views, and 37 branded residences, the Carlton Cannes has been artistically reimagined by the renowned French interior designer Tristan Auer. Auer’s unique aesthetic vision, characterized by polyhedral aesthetics and a touch of irreverence, has been masterfully interwoven into every facet of the property’s redesign. This grand endeavor was orchestrated under the watchful eye of restoration specialist and architect Richard Lavelle.

The two-year grand-scale renovation has skillfully retained the hotel’s historic features, including its iconic façade, resulting in a modern-day masterpiece. Expanding the boundaries of luxury, two striking wings now envelop the rear of the property, housing lavish residences and encircling an enchanting garden. Here, peristyle alcoves, sun-drenched decks, handcrafted cabanas, and the largest infinity pool in Cannes beckon guests to immerse themselves in refined leisure. The rebirth of Carlton Cannes marks the emergence of a Riviera icon like no other. Sitting regally on an entire city block overlooking the prestigious beachfront promenade, La Croisette, Carlton Cannes, A Regent Hotel, commands attention with its stylish frontage. Positioned at the heart of the Cote d’Azur, the hotel offers an experience characterized by decadence, complemented by ephemeral guest experiences and a medley of unique attributes. Amidst the visionary design by Tristan Auer, a harmonious fusion of the majestic and the serene invites guests to connect over curated moments that blend heritage with modernity.