For great-value city breaks, look past the capitals and big names; some of Europe’s liveliest cultural scenes are in its smaller cities

Ghent, Belgium


Lyon, France

Musee des Confluences, Lyon.

Leipzig, Germany

The Spinnerei Galerien complex inhabits one of Leipzig’s old cotton mills.

Segovia, Spain

The cathedral at Segovia.

Porto, Portugal

A gallery in Rua de Miguel Bombarda, Porto Portugal.

Linz, Austria

Ars Electronica Center and Postlingberg Church, Linz.

Rotterdam, the Netherlands

Swing low … Showroom Mama is a hub for the modern arts scene in Rotterdam

Turin, Italy

Turin's Egyptian Museum has one of the largest collections of artefacts in Europe.

Gothenburg, Sweden

Gothenburg’s Haga area is a warren of old buildings, cafes and small shops.

Belgrade, Serbia

KC Grad, a popular hangout for young travellers and local creatives in Savamala, Belgrade.