It’s Christmas eve in Wadebridge
In a pub called the quarryman
Andrew’s sitting drinking all alone at the bar

He’s been sitting there since lunchtime
Talking about his farm
And drinking Cornish knocker
When in walks his friend George
Wearing aviators and a white linen suit
He pulls up a bar stool and sits down next to Andrew

At Christmas time it’s nice to get
Together with your friends
Especially the friends that you don’t get to see much anymore
Cos it isn’t Wham! sitting
In that pub on Christmas eve
It’s just two friends called George and Andrew who’ve known each other
Since they were thirteen

Andrew wants to know if George regrets going solo and
George admits that sometimes it gets lonely on your own
George recalls the backlash that he suffered from Shoot the Dog
Andrew likens it to the campaign for real ale
They might have gone their separate ways since Wham! broke up
But you never make friends like the friends you make when you’re young