It’s strange how the bedroom producer revolution and the vinyl revolution are happening at once; one is forward-thinking, while the other is about vintage novelty. Now, thanks to a startup company called, the two have finally crossed paths.

With, any user can submit a playlist that they want to see pressed on wax. then aggregates that playlist’s demand for pressings and popularity, and asks each artist on the playlist for permission to publish their tracks.

Once permissions are locked down, the playlist is sent over to Qrates, a personal pressing site that is similarly based on crowdsourcing. Qrates is sort of like Kickstarter for independent music, and has been celebrated within the industry for allowing smaller labels to press their releases. So, once your playlist reaches this step, the demand for a pressing is crossed over into Qrates’ algorithm to turn the playlist into its final, tangible form.

It seems like a long and convoluted process, but imagine a vinyl pressing of a Juliana Huxtable DJ set playing in your living room, or a Soulection radio mix with the audio quality of an old Joy Division record. This service, if successful, could turn the endless landscape of Soundcloud files into organized, physical stacks of wax. The site is still in its early phases, but you can sign up for updates here.

CreditsText Annie Armstrong

Photography Fourth Floor