Actress and singer Jennifer Lopez has been building a career based on hard work reaching out to a vast target audience, through both the big screen and music. Her career has never slowed down or flattened, however, it was in 2019 that she was catapulted to the highest calibre performing artist celebrity calibre, leaving way behind Rihanna and Beyonce, who almost became ‘invisible’ due to ‘hurricane JLo’. The key to her success has been conducting any project (including advertising) in a most natural and effortless manner instilling a strong sense of credibility but also boasting a unique desirability.

Last year she also made history in fashion with an unparalleled ‘moment’ walking down the catwalk of VERSACE in Milan during Fashion Week, in the very same ‘jungle dress’ she wore at an awards ceremony 20 years ago – it was a moment that inspired Google to create Google Images.

Since the era of the supermodels, such a power statement have never sprung up in luxury fashion again. What made the ‘Versace moment’ even more powerful was the fact that her association with the Italian luxury brand is actually based on a very close friendship with Donatella Versace which goes back two decades. Therefore, it was only natural that she would not only accept to be part of the project but also boosting it at a galaxy reach.

Unlike other celebrity of a similar calibre, JLo also has an innate business sense and she is carefully choosing every single project she accepts to be involved from a simple magazine shoot to events and advertising campaigns. Despite being the brand ambassador of three differently positioned brands for the exact same season (Spring Summer 2020), Guess being considered ‘affordable luxury’, Coach as premium / upscale and Versace – somehow the photographer of each campaign captured a different JLo, sensibly building on her multi-facets as an artist.

Jennifer Lopez or Versace Spring Summer 2020 ad campaign

JLo stars in Hustlers, a movie which has already received important awards being considered a major contender to this year’s Oscars. The movie beautifully reflects her immense talent to personify the most different characters in most natural way. Like most of her previous movies, Hustlers reflects a most powerful JLo

Another essential ingredient to her success is that she still manages to retain her privacy – a certain aura, yet again in an effortless manner. This allows her to generate from time to time that unique WOW factor. Her beautiful family and marriage with athlete Alex Rodriguez is also an important angel of here carefully planned image. Ironically, there is also a humbleness that she is sensibly projecting through ‘funny moments’ (InstaStories) while a small army of professionals make sure she wears the perfect make-up or hairdo.

In a recent interview with Vanity Fair (February 2020 U.S. edition) she said: When I did my first movie, when I booked my first dance job and went to Europe and nobody in my family had ever been to Europe. The first time I heard my record on the radio. The first time I was in the studio recording a record. The first time I saw myself on screen and I was sitting in the movie theater, and I saw Mi Familia and I started crying. Sometimes I didn’t believe my life. I don’t believe what happens to me and the things that I’m able to experience and the opportunities that I’ve gotten. It’s every single moment, even till this moment, surprises me and touches my heart in a way that I could never really even begin to explain, which is why I’m talking kind of broken right now, because the emotions of it are so kind of overwhelming.

Thanks to JLo, major luxury brands from all sectors will think twice when they focus again and again on ‘influencers’, ‘bloggers’, ‘vloggers’ whose superficial approach, despite their millions of followers, is a waste especially on the long term. Besides fashion and jewellery, major luxury hotel groups and brands should also make it a priority to reconsider branding strategies.

Jennifer Lopez, Vanity Fair Feb. 2020 PHOTOGRAPH BY ETHAN JAMES GREEN