In this first summer of freedom after the Corona era, one cannot fail to notice a shift towards vacations that still focus on luxury but are also combined with local authenticity and a much-needed connection with nature, preferably in untouched places. This is why I, too, chose an off-the-beaten-track Cycladic island for my August 2022 getaway. Its name? Kimolos. After thorough research, an 18th-century Cycladic windmill turned into a luxurious boutique hotel of 5 rooms seemed the right choice for me. 

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Welcome to The Windmill Kimolos

Fast forward to early August 2022. Our ferry approaches the small port of Kimolos, and we immediately spot the white-washed windmill set on a hilltop. Nevertheless, during our stay, the experience would be reversed since it would be us that would watch, from our terrace, ships and sailboats coming and going all day long. Let me say now, that The Windmill Kimolos does not only overlook the island port but has a breathtaking 360° unobstructed view. It is a real observatory offering views of the hillside landscape, a string of small nearby beaches, the uninhabited adjacent isle of Polyaigos, as well as the Horio (the main village and “capital” of Kimolos). Undoubtedly, The Windmill is the most privileged location a visitor can find at this picturesque Aegean destination. It felt like the best spot to soak the life of Kimolos and really enhanced our experience.

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All clean-lined and rustic, The Windmill in Kimolos has been renovated with attention to detail and respect to Cycladic simplicity. White-washed walls, stone floors and a quiet palette of off-whites and light greys with scattered pops of vivid hues create a delightful ambiance inside and outside. The Windmill is surrounded by a typical Cycladic landscape, full of wild bushes, scattered trees and herbs. The adorable property also hosts “Kimolos Breeze”, a sunset bar with comfy sunloungers for every island visitor that wishes to enjoy its striking views with a cocktail in hand.

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One day at The Windmill Kimolos

So what does it feel like to stay for a week at a Cycladic windmill which dates from 1852 and remains one of the few traditionally restored windmills in Greece today? From our first moments there we realized that the place exudes calm and serenity.

We were two couples and chose to stay in the two adjacent rooms on the ground floor in order to be on the same level and make the most of the outside lounging area. Apaggio was a suite–like spacious room with a living room, three big windows and a built-in outdoor dining area, while Aloni was a rather small but irresistibly cute room with a covered outdoor dining area that became our favourite hang-out spot on windy days.

Breakfast here is also an unforgettable experience, whether you choose to have it in the breakfast area of the hotel or on your own private terrace. A big selection of options is made on the spot including the island’s trademark pie called Ladenia, eggs of your preferences, homemade cakes, local cheese and fresh fruits.

Staying at such a unique place of postcard-perfect beauty also means gazing upon glittering sea views from the moment you wake up and open the pale grey shutters to let the crisp air in. For the rest of the day, you will wish to steal time from other activities in order to go on observing the everchanging sunlight panorama on the surrounding Cycladic rocks. And of course, at night you will not be able to resist counting the stars in this magical, free from light pollution sky!

The Windmill is an indisputable gem, a blast from Kimolos’original past, offering its guests the ideal place to rest and recharge in an unspoiled Cycladic setting.

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