When we heard that Ace Hotel was making its way to Athens, the excitement was palpable. Known for their unique blend of style, creativity, and a deep sense of place, Ace Hotels have carved out a niche that is both effortlessly cool and welcomingly inclusive. Now, with the opening of Ace Hotel & Swim Club Athens on the horizon, this vibrant city is about to gain a new cultural and social hub.

Where History Meets Modern Cool

Athens, a city where ancient history meets contemporary vibrancy, provides the perfect backdrop for Ace Hotel’s latest venture. Located in Glyfada on the serene Athens Riviera, Ace Hotel & Swim Club Athens promises an experience that marries the laid-back charm of beach life with the dynamic pulse of urban living. The hotel is designed by the renowned French architecture and interiors firm ciguë, celebrated for their attention to detail and bespoke designs.


Which is The Famous Cool Hotel Brand Which Lands in Athens

Which is The Famous Cool Hotel Brand Which Lands in Athens

The transformation of the former Fenix Hotel into Ace Hotel & Swim Club Athens is truly spectacular. Retaining the classic 1970s coastal resort-style facade, ciguë has infused the structure with elements of Greek modernism and playful poolside culture. The result is a space that feels both timeless and fresh, reflecting the vibrant contradictions that define Athens itself.

Spaces That Breathe Life

Stepping into Ace Hotel & Swim Club Athens, you’re greeted by a seamless flow of indoor and outdoor spaces. The ground floor stretches from a welcoming lobby through to an expansive pool area and dining space, creating a lively, open atmosphere. On the rooftop, guests can soak in cinematic views of the sea and mountains, relax in the dipping pool, or enjoy a meal at the restaurant and lounge. Each of the 120 rooms features cantilevered balconies that invite the famous Greek light to flood in, highlighting custom bed covers by Greek-Egyptian designer Salma Barakat and signature Ace amenities like acoustic guitars and turntables.

A Celebration of Athenian Art

Art lovers will find themselves at home at Ace Hotel & Swim Club Athens. The hotel’s art program, curated in collaboration with Matthieu Prat, Aliki Lampropoulos, and Mare Studio, showcases a vibrant cross-section of contemporary Athenian art. From sculpture and murals to tapestry, painting, and line drawing, the hotel is a living gallery. Even the pool features a mural by Zoe Paul, ensuring that every corner offers a unique visual experience.

Culinary Delights Await

Though details on the culinary offerings are still under wraps, anticipation is building. Guests can look forward to an all-day bistro on the ground floor and a rooftop restaurant and lounge, promising delectable dishes and refreshing beverages to complement the stunning views. The food and drink experience at Ace Hotel & Swim Club Athens is set to be as thoughtfully curated as its art program.

A New Chapter in Modern Hospitality

The arrival of Ace Hotel & Swim Club Athens is more than just the opening of a new hotel; it’s an exciting new addition to Athens. This hotel celebrates the city’s rich history while adding a fresh, contemporary vibe. It’s not just a place to stay but a destination where guests can experience the unique blend of past and present that defines Athens. Located at Artemisiou 1, Glyfada, this new gem of the Athens Riviera is ready to welcome us.