Agistri is an island only an hour’s boat journey from the port of Piraeus. Although it is so close to Athens, visitors feel that they are much further away. The reason for this feeling is its dense forests with aromatic pines, the completely relaxed atmosphere, and the calm and crystal clear waters on the island’s beaches.

Access to Chalikiada is not the easiest. You can only get there by walking, following the coastal road from Skala in a southeasterly direction. After Skliri beach, you will walk through a pine forest. Following a narrow path of about 500 metres, you will see the beach from above, an impressive sight.

Going down to the beach requires special care. Closed-toe shoes are essential, as at some point you will pass over a sheer cliff (the return climb is quite a bit easier).

What is certain is that the effort is compensated with a beach boasting large white pebbles and wonderfully calm waters, which deepen sharply about 5 metres from the shore.

In addition to drinking water—which you must bring with you as there is no infrastructure in Chalikiada—it is recommended that you get a mask or goggles, as the bottom of the beach is lovely.

If you are looking for a beach with easier access, you can choose the neighbouring beach in Skleri. It is a small cove with clear water and sand mixed with pebbles, which you will reach by following a beautiful path between white houses and greenery around you.

A visit to this corner of the Saronic Sea will surely make it clear why Chalikiada and Agistri are timeless favourites for nature lovers looking for a way to get away from the atmosphere of the big city without having to make a more distant and expensive journey.

Some tips and information for your stay in Agistri

The only pharmacy on the island is in Skala, while you will find an ATM in Skala and Megalochori.

Agistri has an area of ​​only 14 square kilometres. You don’t need a car, but you can rent a scooter or bike (if you trust your fitness, as several routes are uphill or downhill).

Some walking distances: from Skala to Megalochori, you will need less than 20 minutes; from Megalochori to Dragonera Beach, you will walk for about 35 minutes; and for one of the longest routes on the island, from Skala to the third settlement, the Limenaria, you will need a little more than 1 hour.

In the summer months, Agistri is often connected to the coasts of Methana and Epidaurus. Therefore, if you are vacationing for several days, you can combine your vacation in Agistri with an excursion and watch a theatre performance.