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Beaches of Tinos

Get ready for a swim at some of the most impressive beaches in the Aegean. Tinos is an island dotted with beaches for all tastes; Cosmopolitan, solitary, family, alternative, with amenities or not, with thick or fine sand, pebbles, and many more. During summer, you are bound to spend some of your time swimming, diving [...]

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Easter Rituals on the Cycladic Island of Tinos

Orthodox and Catholic traditions harmoniously coexist, celebrating Holy Week with vibrant customs and ceremonies Tinos, a captivating Cycladic island, is renowned for its enduring religious customs and ceremonies during Holy Week. Both Orthodox and Catholic traditions flourish here, with the “Common Table of Love” epitomizing harmony and brotherhood. Religious fervor runs deep on Tinos, where Easter is observed [...]

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5 amazing taverns in Tinos

The wonderful Tinos with its blue waters, stunning beaches, gorgeous mountainous villages and the great wineries, is a favourite destination for many Greek and foreign travellers, generously offering amazing experiences and creating memories and providing them with countless options. Aeolus seems to be still living in Tsiknias, the tallest mountain in Tinos, allowing the winds to shake [...]

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5 islands for weekend getaways in September: Strolling at picturesque alleys, swimming in immaculate waters

Returning from a holiday and needing to deal with an abrupt end to carefree ways can be upsetting, prompting a desire for a little extra time away. If feeling so, choose a couple of days in September, pack your travel bag and take off again. After all, as is commonly known, the Greek islands are [...]

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Tinos, Greece

The small and peaceful island of Tinos is a Cyclades Island located in the Aegean Sea. Its topography consists of beautiful white pained structures spread across the windy island. Tinos is mostly known as a religious destination mainly because of the Panagia Evangelistria – a church that attracts visitors from all parts of Greece who then arrive [...]

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Located in the Cyclades islands, Tinos boasts charming tavernas, sandy beaches and marble villages. Tinos is one of the rare places in Greece where the villages have alleyways made from marble. The village of Pyrgos is the center of marble art in Tinos. It’s worth visiting the Marble Art Museum here if you have time. [...]

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Architecture, Music and Dance Meet in Mariana Bisti’s Lyrical Short Film Showcasing Aristides Dallas’ Tinos Retreat

For Greek architect Aristides Dallas, architecture is frozen music, as Goethe remarked, that comes alive with human motion. So it’s quite fitting that one of the most iconic projects of his practice, Aristides Dallas Architects, has been poetically documented by Greek photographer & visual artist Mariana Bisti with a short film that marries architecture, music [...]

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A culinary tour of Tinos

Few destinations can claim to have made food as big a part of their identity as Tinos, with mouthwatering dishes and culinary festivals that champion the local products of this low-key but delicious Cycladic island. From its seafood and mountain herbs to its dairy products and wines, the island of Tinos is just as rich [...]

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Anemos Villa

The Anemos Villa is a separate house with traditional architecture design, designer furniture and art objects. The area has a strong artistic aura mainly because the decoration is done with great care by the owners of the Anemos Anastasia Simeonidi and the painter Aggeliki Symeonidi.Paintings, unique creations of the owner, decorate Anemos Villa a in [...]

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Marathia Tinos

Summerish Aegean sea breeze blows creativity into our cuisine. Our tradition-driven avidity seeks for authenticity in taste and recipes. Quality local materials and Tinian hospitality meet against the minimalist Cycladic backdrop in a place of sheer culinary delight: “Marathia Restaurant”. Influenced by traditional cuisine, Marathia experiments using local, family recipes, keeping the very nature and [...]

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