One of my favourite stays in Greece is definitely Apeiros Chora, a dreamy guest house steeped in history and atmosphere, situated in the village of Kato Pedina at Zagorochoria, Epirus in Greece.

Apeiros Chora is an authentic Zagori mansion house, graciously restored by the same family who owns it for 8 generations. Its name derives from the Doric expression “Infinite Land”, the name Epirus had in ancient times. The guest house looks straight out of a fairy tale. Although in our case, the fairy tale boasts extremely modern and cool aesthetics, looking straight out of an interior design magazine! It came as no surprise to me to hear that its renovation was performed by the owner itself who is a professional interior designer and stylist, Mrs. Athina Aslanidou.

She supervised the restoration of the mansion with the aim to preserve the authenticity in terms of history, tradition and local architecture. You see, she had to deal with one of the very few aristocratic residences of Zagorohoria, her husband’s family house. Although there are plenty of traditional accommodation options in the area of Zagori, Apeiros Chora, which was first built in the late 1600s, is actually a rare sample of a high-class mansion. Having also in their possession a plethora of precious family souvenirs, antiques and vintage everyday objects, they wished to incorporate all their heirlooms in the new era of their house in the best way. And so, they did. Today the descendants of Apeiros Chora are actively engaged in making the experience of their guests extraordinary.

During my visit, I kept discovering details and touches that revealed a solid connection to the history of the house, yet they looked modern and not folklore at all. Minimalism and a soft grey palette make them stand out creating an absolutely contemporary look. I thought this is the best way one can interpret the local tradition and the treasures that exist in an old house. The suites are all soothingly furnished in creams and greys with antiques and contemporary touches, luxury beddings and designer lights. As in the past, the kitchen is the heart of the guest house, featuring a traditional stove as well as modern equipment. On a daily basis, the dining table is full of homemade delicacies inspired by the memories of the house. There is an impressive cave-like cellar, amazingly restored wooden ceilings, cozy common areas with fireplaces and most importantly relaxing vibes.

The result is a perfect mix of local styles and classic urban influences with modern design touches. At the same time, there are decisive contemporary services that every modern traveller looks such as eco-friendly environmental choices and smart home abilities. Furthermore, the owners do their best to create a unique home-like and sophisticated ambiance having earned a reputation as being among the best hosts of Zagori.