Discover an extraordinary culinary journey in the heart of Santorini as Beefbar opens its doors at famous Andronis Arcadia


This summer, Santorini welcomes a groundbreaking addition to its culinary scene with the arrival of Beefbar, nestled in the iconic Andronis Arcadia. Under the esteemed guidance of chef Giorgos Kyrtsallidis, this restaurant with its international accolades invites diners on a captivating journey, filled with tantalizing flavors and alluring aromas, set against the backdrop of a cosmopolitan aura. With its glamorous architecture and daring menu, Beefbar Santorini promises to be an exciting rendezvous with sophistication and modern luxury.

Everything About Beefbar Santorini That Has Just Opened Its Doors!

From its roots in Monte Carlo to the idyllic setting of Santorini, overlooking the breathtaking views of Oia, Beefbar has been masterminded by Riccardo Giraudi, revolutionizing the culinary map of the island. As the sun sets over the Aegean Sea, guests at this luxury hotel shelter are transported to unforgettable culinary experiences.

Chef Giorgos Kyrtsallidis, renowned for his immense culinary expertise honed in Belgium and Denmark, takes the helm at Beefbar Santorini, creating a menu that tantalizes the taste buds with flavors from around the world. His bold and imaginative culinary creations promise to captivate even the most discerning palates, making Beefbar an unparalleled gastronomic destination.

The menu at Beefbar Santorini is a delightful fusion of contrasts, offering fresh and light options that balance the scorching heat of Greek summer. Indulge in Fattoush salads with Stracciatella cheese, tuna ceviche with coconut, and crispy tacos laden with lobster and satay sauce. These cosmopolitan culinary paths entice diners to explore diverse flavors, representing the harmonious convergence of international cuisines.

Beefbar’s brilliance lies not only in its delectable dishes but also in its audacious architecture, seamlessly merging luxury and contemporary allure. Designed by the visionary Cédric Capron, whose expertise spans the realms of construction and design, the restaurant exudes an intelligent and “sexy” artistic direction, influenced by the latest trends in fashion and art. Collaborating with Capron, architect and designer Virgil Donat contributes his cinematic mastery, transforming the space into a charismatic universe. Together, they fearlessly break conventions and redefine rules, resulting in unique, sophisticated, and inviting atmospheres.

Beefbar Santorini, situated within the iconic Andronis Arcadia, invites guests to indulge in an extraordinary dining experience in a cosmopolitan and refined environment. Here, culinary enthusiasts can revel in a carefully curated selection of street food-inspired delicacies, alongside the finest cuts of meat sourced from Australia, Japan, and the United States. From appetizers to side dishes and desserts, each word bears the mark of culinary excellence.

Whether you are a connoisseur of fine dining or an adventurous food lover seeking new and daring gastronomic experiences, Beefbar Santorini promises to leave an indelible impression on your palate and your soul. With its exquisite setting, bold menu, and cosmopolitan allure, this culinary gem elevates the Santorini dining scene to new heights. Embrace the harmony of flavors, the sophistication of design, and the captivating views of the Aegean Sea at Beefbar Santorini – an unforgettable journey awaits!