Astypalaia, the “Butterfly of the Aegean”, spreads its wings to every visitor and reveals all its Aegean beauty.
Many lovers of the island consider Kaminakia the most beautiful beach. Indeed, those who want deep and calm waters for swimming will love it.

It is a small natural port on the southwest side of Astypalaia, which you can reach by following a difficult dirt road. But you will definitely be compensated. What first sticks out are the grey gravel of the beach, mixed with sand, which glistened in the summer sun.

At Kaminakia, there are a few sunbeds and enough tamarisk trees that offer great natural shade.

What is certain is that, unlike other very small beaches on the island, here there is enough space to be comfortable. The fact that access is not the easiest works positively in that there will not be too many people, even in high season.

Those who love to snorkel will want to stay for several hours here.

If you’re looking for a spot to enjoy the view of the cove, it’s worth taking the road on the west side of the ravine.

After about 500 metres, you will reach the ruins of a Hellenistic tower from which its masonry is preserved.

Don’t forget to take a camera or mobile phone with you.

How to get there?

The beach is about 30 minutes by car from Chora. You will mainly be driving on a dirt road, which is quite difficult in some places, as mentioned above.

On the road before Vatses (another popular beach on the island), you will meet a fork and follow the signs. It is best to choose to return to your accommodation before sunset to avoid the hassle of driving on a dirt road at night.

An alternative way of approaching the beach is, of course, by boat.

Some tips for the holidays in Astypalaia

Astypalaia is the first “smart” and green island, allowing you to move electrically.

Most of the island’s beaches are at such a geographical point that the sun does not shine enough in the afternoon. This means that you can swim there without an umbrella.

Chora is a beautiful town and offers amazing photographic snapshots when you walk on the streets of the island.

Certainly, it is worth dedicating one day of your stay in Astypalaia to an excursion on tourist boats from Pera Gialos, which depart daily (weather permitting) for the remote beaches of the island and the islets of Kounoupes and Koutsomytis.