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track of the day/Dusty Springfield – Summer is Over

Dusty Springfield - Summer is Over https://youtu.be/xbT2hmtT2ME The night runs away with the day The grass that was green is now hay The world goes around without even a sound And it looks like the summer is over The rains tumble down in the sky Young swallows have learned how to fly The leaves that [...]

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Enjoy new music discoveries and music-diamonds

FAUVE - Nuits Fauves (TEEMID Edit) https://youtu.be/Cho1rlk5mpo Dusty Springfield -- Son of a Preacher Man (Shimi Sonic edit) https://youtu.be/EahJbofU4yU Ane Brun - Big in Japan (RUNO Remix) https://youtu.be/l3Pg7JivBgc Kadhja Bonet – Remember The Rain https://youtu.be/_TPnxYLTaUI?t=1 We used to play out in the rain Your mother scolded us She said that we were bad (She said [...]

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Tracey Thorn - Under The Ivy (Kate Bush cover) https://youtu.be/2ucMRm5mtWg Tracey Thorn writes: For me, like many others, the musical highlight of the year was Kate Bush’s return to the live stage, with her show Before the Dawn. It was an incredible performance, and after I saw it I wrote a piece for the New [...]

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