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Winter Sun in Iceland

Professional photographer established in Iceland for several years, Patricja Pati Makowska is passionate about nature and light games offered by sunset or sunrise. With her series “Texture of the Mt Esja in the Winter Sun” , she delivers a series of images of Mount Esja, a volcanic mountain range that overlooks Reykjavik. Captured since from [...]

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Book the vacation of a lifetime

Look out from the world’s tallest building Burj Khalifa, Dubai "It's breathtaking and completely mind blowing that you can actually be standing so high up seeing the edge of the world." Steer through the Grand Canal Venice, Italy "It is once in a life opportunity to ride in a gondola. I strongly recommend it." Marvel [...]

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7 Healthy Travel Destinations You Should Add to Your Bucket List

Chemicals are out and all-natural everything is in. There's a surging urge to eat, live, and play better these days. However chaotic the world may seem, there's a rising number of us who are yearning for inner peace in favor of healthier physical and spiritual living. A wellness revolution is in motion, and with that [...]

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