We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us



Enjoy new music discoveries and music-diamonds

https://open.spotify.com/track/4u9YaaIXED2yWB4CLpbyxl?si=5d352a7b5f184018 https://open.spotify.com/track/0FG0chu0aMFF1wIFMquDhl?si=d0c004d8650d48a4 https://open.spotify.com/track/6MIO6cPok3z13iOa6ZKJG5?si=3c750063b59140ab https://open.spotify.com/track/3OHes3YHTUSaZ7NdM7FuHN?si=6f05cd1c378b4199 https://open.spotify.com/track/0OKn63DGQ2kBRTo9BRfiEP?si=7841a160b88f43fe What would a man not do? What would a man not say? What would a man not agree to? What would he not betray? Where would a man fear to trespass? Where would a man not stray? What crime would a man not admit to? What price would a man [...]

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Fuel your Wednesday with music

https://youtu.be/dA8AwP0vN8g https://youtu.be/GmVUG6rCXeg https://youtu.be/wlUrf5aw0qo https://youtu.be/iBNm5FlyJvc If it takes forever I will wait for you For a thousand summers I will wait for you Till you're back beside me, till I'm holding you Till I hear you sigh here in my arms Anywhere you wander, anywhere you go Every day remember how I love you so In [...]

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Pictures of the day

Ahead of making his final foreign speech as president, Barack Obama arrives in Greece as he embarks on a tour of Europe. The supermoon is photographed over the city of Los Angeles. It marks the closest the moon has come to earth since 1948. Marking his 20th consecutive win and his first as world number [...]

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Sting – I Can’t Stop Thinking About You

Sting has never been afraid to try new sounds, but with this fall’s 57th & 9th he is actually doing something he did a long time ago: making pop music. Since 2003’s Sacred Love, the Rock Hall Of Famer’s studio recordings have focused on Renaissance music, Celtic show tunes, and orchestral covers of his catalog. [...]

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New music Friday

T.I.M & Malika - Desert Rose (Sting Cover mix) https://youtu.be/8yrpuSV4-Ms Artur Montecci - Summertime https://youtu.be/gPwsANstFiQ Ash - Mosaïque https://youtu.be/fu4vZ3jbFFE Kygo - Carry Me Kygo - Carry Me feat. Julia Michaels Available Now on Kygo's "Cloud Nine" Album! https://youtu.be/8nd7Bbgl6FM

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