The Holiday season is officially here. Now would be the time to start gearing up and today the good folks over at NikeLab are back at it, adding to the Holiday style selection with a new range of cold weather inspired gear. Today we get our first look at NikeLab’s Holiday 2016 ACG Collection. This stylish and functional range offers up comfort, versatility and weather protection in both footwear and apparel.

The line-up features the NikeLab ACG Alpine Jacket and NikeLab ACG Funnel Hoody boasting higher collars and adjustable hoods to keep you well guarded. We also find an internal strap system that allows each piece to be carried like a backpack. The new range also offers up the new NikeLab ACG Scaiter that is host to a new “wrap and tuck” closing system. The new system allows for adjustments to different temperatures. Check out the eye-catching new range in the images below and speak your thoughts on it after the jump. Stay tuned for much more from NikeLab coming very soon!

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